GloPoWriMo 2018: Day XII: A Forest Among the Towers

Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt has us visiting a fun challenge from last year – The Haibun – It’s not the easiest form to describe (apologies if the link provided send you down a rabbit hole like it did me ; p) but it is an interesting one to employ. The combination of short prose and haiku poetry lends it a character that certainly helps it stand apart from my usual poetry, so I’m happy to try it again today. If you’re looking to learn more, I really liked the essay by Aimee Nezhukumatathil that NaPoWriMo shared today.

I live in a congested desert. Beaten and blinded by a harsh sun. Deafened by the roar of a million beating hearts and tired lungs. Trapping myself in concrete and steel and rubber.

The sun is glowing
The streets full of life and noise
I begin my day

The day ahead is long. There are mountains to wade through. Oceans to recall. A plethora of faces and names and dates to sift, absorb, categorise, sort and toss aside.

Oaken thrown awaits
Within my fort of papers
The pen is my sword

Yet in all the hustle and strife and boredom and gray there is something else too. Even amongst the dust covered steel of the city there is life. Unflinching, unbeaten, unbending, unbreaking.

Out nearby window
The trees are basking in light
Stood mighty and proud

As far almost as the eye can see. There is an army of trees. Hiding the sprawl and the struggle. Flushing the drab pallet of gray and brown and tan with splashes and shades of green and yellow.

A sea washes over
Flooding my view of towers
Painting a new scene

I am lost in the full branches. Mesmerised by the rays bouncing off the leaves. The bleating of metal monsters fades amongst the thought of chirping birds.

The sun seems welcome
And the noises fade away
My mind is quiet


The First Frost

Why do we struggle so much
To find something wrong
In a world so beautiful
These were the words that rang through his head

The wind whipped past his ears
The cold snapped upon his knuckles
The frost fell upon his lips
“Beautiful!” he said

His steps upon the white pathways
Hidden soon as he stepped away
Like he had never even been there
Like he had never even tread

Dancing in the lightfall
It sang to him once more
You may not have what you thought you want
But you have this instead

Another reason to smile
To try
To stay
To wed

To a new world
A new life
A new love
Waiting ahead

And in that moment it all melted away
Their words
Her smile
That stare
As he fell upon his bed

Angels with Dirty Faces – Day III – NaPoWriMo 2014

Through dusty fields they fly
Nothing above but the sky
Nothing below but the earth
Nothing ahead but home and hearth

Free and light
Without burden or blight
Without care or chagrin
Without mortal sin

Never hidden nor disguised
Far younger than wise
Bashful, beautiful and true
Like a foal born new

Melting hearts with their smiles
A hand in yours all the while
Held with loving admiration
Free of judging contemplation

Shy and soft spoken
With spirits never broken
They steal my heart
Every time I part

Beauty beyond that seen
Perceived to be unclean
Yet gorgeous in virtue and vision
Free of society’s image prison

They wave goodbye
Bringing tear to eye
Of all creeds and faiths and races
Those angels with dirty faces

A Kewl Day Out at the Royal Botanic Gardens

There is nothing so peaceful and relaxing as escaping to the beautiful serenity of nature of a warm sunny day. So a few days my friend and I, having the day off, went to the Kew Gardens to do just that. Well technically I’m not working right now so they’re all off days ; p

Walking around all afternoon we had the most amazing time exploring the various Greenhouse enclosures and the vast grounds. Though we were hard pressed to cover the entire area, we saw some beautiful canopy from the Tree Top Walkway and enjoyed soothing breezes through the Bamboo gardens. Though there are paths for the quick explorers, if you go “off-road”, as we took to doing, you can find some really beautiful and secluded spots to just stop, sit and enjoy the unbelievably fresh and clean air. I’m not kidding! Even though London is a fairly clean city, especially compared to some cities back in India, the air out at Kew is in a whole other league. I felt healthier just walking around ; p And some true hilarity ensued when we tried to leave and kept getting ourselves hopelessly lost.

I highly recommend you grab a few friends, pack a small picnic and set out to explore it for yourself. I just can’t believe that you’d be disappointed. Who knows, you might even make some new friends there ; ) And you would be horticulturists, be sure to drop by the Garden Shop on the way out.

Go here to plan your day out – Kew Gardens


From open windows
Sights seen of life and beauty
Of radiant sun

Life giving mother
Spread like an ocean of green
‘Twixt a plane of grey

Her ample bosom
Teeming with love and laughter
Families, lovers

Yet I feel a chill
Messenger of season’s change
The ebbing of life

Greying skies above
The leaves in suicide plunge
Falling epithets

But hold, dark visions!
For now is not yet the time
We yet live and smile

Youth not yet abates
And sweet smells of spring yet flow
And I breathe them in

So for now I sit
At open window and gaze
At nature’s bounty

And I think that I
Shall be sad some other day
Today, life is good

NaPoWriMo – Day XXVII – Rainy Days

Watching rain drops fall
Upon the waters outside
From heavens above

Vapor taking form
Descending upon the earth
With divine purpose

Making the world moist
Nurturing gaia’s children
Ushering forth life

In its wake life slows
People watch where they dare step
Fearing they shall fall

Once we did not fear
We smiled when the clouds broke
And we danced under

When then did we lose
Our imagination
Our bravery

When then did we learn
To start hiding from the rain
For fear we’d get wet

I long to go out
Feel freedom upon bare skin
Feel alive once more

I long to capture
Innocence lost long ago
And play in the rain

The Amber Moon

The amber moon on hallowed skies
Shines sweetly as a star
And lights the way for passers by
Traveling near and far

To lover and loner alike
She lights the path to the morrow
Each knowing the dawn will bring another day
Of joy and of sorrow

The brilliant glow upon her face
Like a new born mother
Uniting black and white and brown
Under her sheen as brothers

She says not hello nor goodbye
Makes no promises, tells no lies
She watches quietly as trees do
Her reflection in the dreamer’s eye

I watch her quietly till she fades
Not once saying a word
I watch the amber moon above
As she watches the world