GloPoWriMo: Day XX: Pawn Takes King

Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt encourages participants to incorporate the vocabulary and imagery of a sport. So I hope you enjoy this hastily penned piece attempting to put a gothically romantic twist on the sport most readily analogous to life…

They called him the Music Man
A nom de plume well met
His entire body dripped with soul
Made the gents groove, the ladies wet

He may have been just a pawn in life
For the kings and the queens of the city
But this one black pawn made moves so sweet
It made the world feel less gritty

His life may have not been much
At each turn he came after the white man
But he cared nothing for all that jazz
He was happy with his axe, his girl, and his van

Now the kings and queens of the city
They cared or knew little of pawns
So when a hit needed to be taken
A random one was called on

So it was in this war
A black pawn did fall
And another pawn did shatter
At the sound of her dying call

Now love is a wonderful thing
It makes light and it gives life
But a true love snatched away
Gives a peaceful man a knife

And so a pawn did take a knight
And then a castle and a rook
While the kings and queens did gawk
He played by hook or crook

Till that fateful day when they met
A black pawn and the king he did hate
And came those fateful words
First check, and then mate

GloPoWriMo: Day VII: The Many Reflections of “Us”

What are we, you and I?
After all we do and say
Together and apart
Let me count the ways

Strangers once
From different worlds
Brought together by chance

Acquaintances too
Who exchanged pleasantries
And the occasional furtive glance

Friends at last
Though longing more
Open with heart and soul

Lovers at last
After many moons
Two that became one whole

Friends again
Being pulled apart
By impending separation

Acquaintances at best
Losing touch
With that long lost elation

Strangers in the end
From what was once so key

What are we, you and I?
And what will we be?

Chapter 4 – The Campfire

Tell me Charles,” the Battlemage said as he stoked the amber flames of the campfire, as they danced before his eyes, “Have you ever been bested my another… Been so beaten that you were unsure you were going to get back up?” His friend turned from the tree he had anointing with the ale of the hours past, happily unaware of the dozens of endangered pixie ants he had just sent to a, lets say watery, grave. “Ha! There is no man who can best me by sword or arm Battlemage! If he were to break my arm, it would mend, and it would return unto him his favour two-fold” “But what if it is not your bones that are broken?” Barekvar added, his face looking much older now than it had in the days past. “Ah…” Charles Manor sighed, finally catching his friend’s drift, “So you speak of the fairer sex. Of wounds much harder to heal.” “I do…” replied Barekvar.

The silence in the small campsite seemed almost deafening. The two childhood friends sat alone around the amber circle, amidst the many Goblin corpses of a raiding party that made the fatal error of thinking they looked easy prey. Their other two compatriots had travelled North, to chase rumours of their quarry, while these two travelled East, to chase others.

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NaPoWriMo – Day XII – My Experiments With Truth

Writing a new poem everyday has been quite interesting so far. Sometimes inspiration flows, sometimes it has to be forced, but‘s daily prompts have been quite helpful. Its been challenging and fun experimenting with different styles and themes. Which brings us to today. I’m not going to lie. This one is going to be tough. The challenge today is to “write a poem consisting entirely of things you’d like to say, but never would, to a parent, lover, sibling, child, teacher, roommate, best friend, mayor, president, corporate CEO, etc.”

So here it goes… This is probably going to hurt…

All I ever wanted
Was to hear out loud
That I didn’t disappoint you
That I made you proud

I will never be good enough
For the world’s eyes
And in trying to
I’ve lived a life of lies

I’ve made peace with some of it
Some of it still stings
I might be stuck being unhappy
But there are still the small things

I wish I had been better
And showed you that I cared
I was just too young to realize
That you were just scared

I wish I could have protected you
I wish you had more time
He’ll never love me like he loved you
No matter how many mountains I climb

You had a zest for life that I do not
You would’ve excelled with every dawn
I feel guilty that I’m still here
And you’re the one that’s gone

I wish I could reach out to you
I lost you somewhere past
I miss our camaraderie
I should have made it last

I wish that we were closer
That I could be your friend
I hope that we will come back
To the bond we had back when

I know I wasn’t the greatest
That I was a bully of sorts
But I still love you two
And I’ll be there for all life’s got

I never should have let you go
It wasn’t you but me
I was scared and I was stupid
I was too blind to see

I thought it was the right thing
I didn’t think I was strong enough
But I’m not asking for another chance
I’m not saying I’ve had it rough

I’m ready to let you go
But it’s just so hard to do
No matter how hard I try
I can’t stop loving you

This has been an experiment in honesty
They say the truth will set you free
But now I just feel scared
Of what this truth might do to me

It’s easy to be honest
If it’s not to someone’s face
Write it on a piece of paper
And hide it in a cold dark place

You will read these words and maybe
Some of you will know quite well
Of the people to whom I speak
But am too afraid to tell

Part of me wonders what will happen
Will they pity? Will they rage?
Then part just smiles and think no more
Because they’ll never visit this page

NaPoWriMo – Day VII – A Valediction: Leaving Behind A Virtue

I still dream
Of days filled with laughter
Of stolen moments
And playing hooky

I still hope
For a life once promised
For happiness desired
And your smile

I still wish
That I was a better man than I was then
That I had been stronger
And held on

But this world is not dreams and hopes and wishes

And I can no longer wait

I do not have the patience

I must wake from dreams
To move forward
Live the life that lies ahead
And no longer look behind

I must move past hope
To build real things
Friendships and relationships
That will see me through years ahead

I must forget my wishes
And find genuine ties
Not just the ones that haunt my heart
And this time remember hold on

I must do the one thing I cannot bring myself to do

I must say goodbye

I must let you go

I think I feel better

NaPoWriMo – Day III – Time

25 years, 6 months and 12 days,
the time that I have walked this earth

Time is a symbol

4 months and 22 days,
the time since I last saw my mother’s face

Time is at once both a healing and divisive thing

2 day and 11 hours
the time since my heart was last broken

Time is mysterious and at the same time so purely simple

2 years and one month,
the time since my heart was last whole

Time moves on whether we can or not

2 day and 12 hours,
the time since I last cried

Time goes forward without us, despite us, beyond us

10 years, 2 months and 23 days,
the time since I last cried and did not feel ashamed

Time is slave to none and in the end, master of all

12 hours,
the time since I last told a lie

Time in endless and yet passes in the blink of an eye

2 day and 16 hours,
the time since I last smiled

Time is a measure of our lives, and a reminder that it will end

the time since I last smiled and meant it

Time is everything and it is nothing

Time is a lie

NaPoWriMo – Day II – Last Night Was A Disaster

Betrayal and angst
Flashes of ire and envy
‘Twas only a kiss

Bruised hands and bodies
Broken spirits and psyche
The pain barely borne

A lonely walk home
Fueling wrath self inflicted
Raging waves crashing

A brother in arms
Tending wounds, giving shelter
Glimpsing the darkness

The morning after
Savage pounding in my head
The black blue and red

Is it all now lost?
The day, the girl, the friendship
Were ever they mine?

Have I hit bottom?
Is now there nowhere but up?
Can I finally stop?


Alternative Ending

There he stood. Face to face with the girl he had said goodbye to all those years ago but had never stopped thinking about. In that one moment that his eyes caught hers he saw his entire life play out before him. He saw the tears in her eyes as he told her he still loved her and always would. He saw himself getting down on one knee in the crowd at a concert as the band played their favorite song. He saw himself waking up next to her smiling face every day for the rest of his life. He saw them old and retired up in the quiet little place in the hills. She really did love the hills. And in that one moment he felt happier than he had ever felt before and so he did something he hadn’t done for a really long time. He smiled. And I don’t mean one of those smiles that you put on for your friends and family so they don’t worry about you. Or that drunken grin you get on your face as you sing along with the song playing in the bar after a few too many pints even though it’s not karaoke night. It was one of those rare smiles where, even though you don’t really have any extraordinary reason to smile, you do anyway, because in that moment, for that fraction of a second, you feel nothing but true content in a way that your mind couldn’t really even begin to understand or express. And wearing that same smile, he turned around and walked away.

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“Alive and Well”

A lot of stuff can happen
In a span of 10 years
Time can heal wounds
And dry staining tears

Memories can change
And feelings can too
Till you no longer remember
How she left you

And one day you wake
Feeling no sadness
And you ask yourself
What is this madness

How can I forget
Someone so important
Whose time in my life
Fate so harshly shortened

Am I some monster
Bereft of feeling
Or is this just my heart
Doing some healing

Is it human nature
To move on and prosper
And slowly block the memory
Of the day that you lost her

Forgotten but yet never so
No sickness or pain
Just sunshine and rainbows
No dark clouds or rain

In memories she lives
In hearts that swell
As long I love her
She remains alive and well

Tweety Bird

I used to have a tweety bird
That used to sing for me
She brought messages and news
And made me be me
But it became too much
So withdrew did she
Moved away from my presence
Towards being free
I let her go
Not able to hold her
Though desperate to keep her
To feel her, to hold her
But love her did I
And do I still
And always will I be there
By her window sill
Till one day it opens
And once again am I let in
To be her companion
Her trusted, Her friend
If you love something they say
Then let it go free
If it is meant to work out
Will it come back to thee
I love her whole hearted
Cant live without her
I’ll die that day
That day that I doubt her
No option but to wait
What else is there then
Nowhere else will I find
Such a close kinsmen
She knew me inside out
She knew me most deepest
She knew my most crazy
Most deplorable secrets
Nothing without her
And yet thats all I am
I am, Who I am
I am barely a man
No ending to this word
No beginning without her
She knows, or she does not
What I am…
That is all…