GloPoWriMo 2018: Day IX: The Louse and the Blue Whale

Today’s NaPoWriMo’s prompt immediately sent my mind to a familiar story. One I imagine you may all know in form or another. So I decided to use that inspiration to concoct something truly… absurd. It made me chuckle. Perhaps it’ll do the same for you.


The Louse and the Blue Whale

Now you may have all heard
The fabled word
Of the Elephant and the Mouse
But not even Shakespeare
Could bend your ear
To the tale of the Whale and the Louse

As unlikely a kinship
As an iceberg and a steamship
And one most could not even spy
I’ll tell you true
As best I can do
May I be struck down if I lie

The first thing to know
If you’re inclined to do so
Is that this louse was quite a great swimmer
And the Blue Whale in question
I feel I should mention
Didn’t like krill or shrimp for dinner

Why is that key?
Well shortly you’ll see
As this tale most bizarre unfolds
Of one quite a glutton
One smaller than a button
Neither liking to do as told

One fair breezy day
‘Bout half twelve I’d say
The Whale decided he wanted a snack
And the little tiny Louse
Cosy in his little house
Was woken by a booming loud ‘thwack’

The Whale had jumped ground
With a mighty loud pound
Driven by a craving for some fruit
Because of the great clatter
The Louse came pitter-patter
Riding his favourite pet Newt

They looked at each other
Both thinking ‘oh brother’
Now isn’t this quite a scene
A Newt stride critter
The world’s largest cherry picker
It was the strangest thing either had seen

The whale said ‘hellew’
The louse did so too
And then they both burst into guffaws
For even the most stern
Or tastefully modern
But had to chuckle at what each saw

From that day they both did meet
At the time the Choughs did tweet
And shared a good laugh together
Unlikely of friends
Till the bitter end
They became like birds of a feather

Sometimes out the water
Deep down if it was hotter
They’d eat and drink and play
And if you did ask
How this kinship did start
They’d just giggle and go on their way

They say great friendships are made
In the most unlikely of ways
And this tale bears no exception
A Louse smaller than a Snail
And a great big Blue Whale
And a friendship of such strange conception




GloPoWriMo 2018: Day II: 1A

I’ll admit dear readers, today’s NaPoWriMo prompt gave me pause. It’s about voices. And perspectives. And as someone who usually writes from a personal place it was a challenging start… In the end I decided why settle? I’ll cover them all. So here’s my attempt at the challenge of perspective… through the voice of three in one… 1A…

It was a blind leap for me
I was hesitant and scared
To do something so new
Something I’d never dared

For the first time to call home anew
And to share myself so wholly
Could this be my most grand adventure
Or a massive ruddy folly

But with love and friendship in one column
I could never have said no
Even if my “lizard brain”
Was warning against doing so


You were so much to me then
But brand new and a little confusing
And to take such a step so soon
Was confoundingly bemusing

In your face I saw hesitation
Would you find me to be too stifling
Were you afraid I’d dig too deep
Lift your hood and go about rifling

Yet in the end so made me whole
And I will forget, yet never so
Home is where the heart is
And I’ll always remember our home


From the rafters I watch them
Play their little games
Act like they are so different
Yet they’re so completely the same

She was too afraid to start
He too anxious of the end
Yet they took the leap together
And now, “just friends”

Yet for the tragedy of the separation
Together they were such joy
And man what a time was had
By boy, and girl, and boy

Looking for some poetic treats? Why not ogle through my archive. Or go check out what Day 2 has brought out of the other NaPoWriMo participants today.

More Japes Will Be (K?)

I was visited, as if by spirits
From far away, and long ago
They came to me, as if by fate
And then left, as if just so

With brilliant smiles and hidden tears
Loving glances, furtively turning away
Tight embraces and unsaid sadnesses
And peaceful silences, with much to say

They came as if in a dream
Reality tugging all the while
While we could we did ignore it
And bathed in each others smiles

We travelled in space and in time
Shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand
We braved the elements, adopted elephants
We sang songs and it was grand

We revelled in our spirits
And spirits revelled in us
Poured some out for homies couldn’t be there
Promised next time they must

Now dreams and visions all are gone
Phantastic visitors homeward bound
Separate shores and separate lives
With new spirits to be found

But in the end my visitors and I
Will a little trinket set
By our bed side tables, a Pachyderm
Because an Elephant never forgets

GloPoWriMo: Day XII: Messrs Music Men

Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt encourages one of my favourite literary devices – alliteration! Call me a crazed cuckoo, but I rather revel in the repetitious written word. Certainly a fun one to write, I hope you also enjoy reading… the story of how a dynamic-less duo once came to be…

On a stormy but silent saturday
A tenacious twosome sat
One pouring potent potables
One bopping a box with a bat

Till something softly struck the second
The inkling of the incidentally inspired
He gently grabbed a guitar and strummed
The first then found an inner fire

As the metal strings made merry music
Words welled up and were welcomed forth
Melody found lines, and music lyric
And one being was born, from what two had brought

Something sweet and surreal was sired
Heard and hummed happily by a few since then
The progeny of a pair of prodigious pals
So came to be the Messrs Music Men


GloPoWriMo2017: Day IV: Google (Revisited)

(Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt…Well, it’s a bit of a sad one. Writing an elegy – a poem that mourns or honors someone dead or something gone by – could rarely be a purely happy experience. Perhaps bittersweet at best. But in following this prompt I hope I’ll find something sweet or funny or just down right dumb to say about a friend who was all those things and more, and who I lost some time ago now.)

You were the most adorable thing
I had ever seen when we met
You insisted on sleeping next to me
Or on me sometimes, in bed

You grew up like any human
With your angry angsty phase
But then mellowed out severely
In your grown old man days

We grew close and then apart
And in the end it seems all love was lost
That was my fault, I left
And then you lost the plot

You were a bully, an attention whore
A friend who always stole my seat
And god I hated your guts
When you pissed on my bag or sheets

Waking me in the middle of the night
Staring at me with those wide eyes
Trying, hilariously, to fit
In a box that was half your size

Garfeldian, Nirmalian
You were so many things in your time
I’ll always be your friend Googie
And you’ll always be mine

(Old readers may remember and note some throwbacks here to a poem I wrote for NaPoWriMo 2014 – “Google“)

A Few Friends – Day XXVII – NaPoWriMo 2014

I don’t need a lot of friends
I just need a few

One who always has my back
One who always cuts me some slack
One who tries to flatter me
One who knows exactly how I feel

One who likes to chill
One to take care of me when I’m ill
One who takes trips along side
One to check me, when I’m full of pride

One to sit and debate
One to help make laugh and elate
One whose shoulder I can cry upon
One who stays up, talking till the dawn

Now many of these things
More than one can do
So I don’t need a lot of friends
I just need a few

Noddy & Jet – Day XXV – NaPoWriMo 2014

There once was a squirrel named noddy
Who had a teeny tiny body
He wasn’t a threat
To anyone he met
Though his manners were a bit shoddy

Noddy didn’t have many friends
But one day that misery did end
For he met
A sparrow named jet
And their days from then did blend

The pair had a favourite spot
To chill when it was hot
In a tree by the river
A real shade giver
There they’d sit and smoke pot

Having smoked they would sit and laugh
And they’d stuff their faces till they near barfed
Till one day this man
In a big metal can
Came and cut their dear tree in half

Now this made the two quite sad
They thought of all the good times they’d had
In that tree in the shade
The home they had made
And then they got a little mad

So noddy and jet hatched a scheme
To get back at this man most mean
They set his house on fire
And sat on a wire
Laughing as he did burn and scream

Now when this story in motion I did set
This way it would go, you wouldn’t bet
But take this lesson to heart
Before we part
Don’t f*ck with noddy and jet

Google – Day XIV – NaPoWriMo 2014

A friend known
For most his life
There in times
Of happiness and strife
With many natures
Bundled in one
Sitting pretty
In a ray of sun

You sleep all day
And spread all round
Waking me each morning
To your nagging sounds
A creature of sloth
And whim it’s true
Doing whatever
You want to

And though I may ponder
What lies in your mind
If ever the answer
I did find
I’m sure I’d see
That you care not
Of the why, the where
The how, when and what

How simple it must be
To be such a creature
No worries or cares
No pupils or teachers
Independent yet bound
By will or by fate
Not truly ever showing love
Nor ever hate

Just lie there my friend
And be content
For that is the purpose
For which you are meant
You are my companion
When you choose to be
And in those moments I do see

You are who you are
You will never alter
You will never doubt
Or hurdle or falter
And though you be limited
By life’s design
I am your friend
As you are mine

I’ve Got This Friend – Day IV – NaPoWriMo 2014

I’ve got this friend
Loyal and true
He bullshits with the best
But always come through

He never asks anything
But gives all he can
He’s a good friend
He’s a good man

Don’t get me wrong here
I know he is no saint
I’ve heard stories of exploits
That would make some faint

But he stands by my side
When I need him most
He’s a good man
He’s a saccha dost

He’ll say it never to my face
That I’m not nearly as good a friend
But I’ll make this vow now
Before this poem ends

I’ll do better by him
Like he always does by me
I’ll not set him aside
Or tell him, leave me be

I’ve been rather selfish
Given far less than I take
But it’s time to change my attitude
For a good friend’s sake

It Comes In All Forms

Well ‘Gay Paris’ may have not brought new love, but it did bring new inspiration. It’s nice to pen down a poem, having not done so in a while. And while many posts shall follow chronicling the euro-trip I am currently on with my best friend Chirag, here’s a little taste from the city of lovers…

It Comes In All Forms


O’er gilded fields and mountains tall
In the land of ale and drinking halls
Lived maiden beautiful as the fall
This maiden the boy did love

The boy of two lands and yet of none
Who’d sip life’s nectar till the day was done
Who’d sing of battles lost and won
Feared losing maiden all above

Though she smiled when he played the fool
And held him close when the air was cool
And for her he’d break all rules
Her hand he could not hold

She said he held place close to heart
And teared every time they did part
And loved him now, though not at the start
Yet his passion was too bold

But before you think this a story of woe
And let seeds of pity or sorrow sow
And say “oh isn’t it always so”
Let me put your mind at ease

For love comes in this life in all manner of forms
Hearts may be broken but they are also warmed
Fools and lovers every minute are born
True love’s obstacles do not cease

An open heart will always feel pain
And might crack and break again and again
But the ache is felt not in vain
For a closed heart feels no bliss

So if you find love hold on tight
It never is wrong though not always right
If its worth the win its worth the fight
And in the end all that matters is this

That a boy loves a girl