GloPoWriMo: Day XXX: Sol

Like clockwork it comes
A starting gong
Immortalised in song
And ode and verse

Enemy of the night
Friend to all life
Cutting through the darkness
Like a red hot knife

The signal of the rise
After the ever present fall
Landing on each being
Big or small

A symbol of hope
And the passage of time
Ushering in the new
Lighting and burning
As the perennial climb

The bringer of the morn
And the blue birds sweet cheer
Telling one and all
That tomorrow is here



From open windows
Sights seen of life and beauty
Of radiant sun

Life giving mother
Spread like an ocean of green
‘Twixt a plane of grey

Her ample bosom
Teeming with love and laughter
Families, lovers

Yet I feel a chill
Messenger of season’s change
The ebbing of life

Greying skies above
The leaves in suicide plunge
Falling epithets

But hold, dark visions!
For now is not yet the time
We yet live and smile

Youth not yet abates
And sweet smells of spring yet flow
And I breathe them in

So for now I sit
At open window and gaze
At nature’s bounty

And I think that I
Shall be sad some other day
Today, life is good

NaPoWriMo – Day VIII – Dreams of Summer

The days are getting longer
The nights thus shorter so
The seasons at last is changing
It’s that Spring we’ve been waiting fo’
The cold winds still are a blowin’
Even though the sun does show
I’m afraid it is mine to say
That blest Summer is still far away

I long for the warm embrace
Of a sun and sky left far behind
Memories of lazy Sundays
Planted firmly in my mind
And once I am done searching
What is that I will find?
The warmth of home and hearth and heart
From which I have been too long apart

Till then I must focus energies
T’wards most enlightened labour
Make this quill upon my hand
Mightier than any saber
And hope the gods will grant me
This one desired favor
Give laurels to take make the waiting proud
And feel victorious when homeward bound

But even in happiness long-awaited
Cruel fate inserts a sadness
To say farewell to friends dear made
Who were there through all the madness
Time it seems flows too fast
Leaving brief interludes of gladness
Once I’ve finally returned to my home
I fear I’ll miss the cold, the wind, the snow