Lies – A Short Poem

Of course, she said

Always, she said
I love you, she said

Tweety Bird

I used to have a tweety bird
That used to sing for me
She brought messages and news
And made me be me
But it became too much
So withdrew did she
Moved away from my presence
Towards being free
I let her go
Not able to hold her
Though desperate to keep her
To feel her, to hold her
But love her did I
And do I still
And always will I be there
By her window sill
Till one day it opens
And once again am I let in
To be her companion
Her trusted, Her friend
If you love something they say
Then let it go free
If it is meant to work out
Will it come back to thee
I love her whole hearted
Cant live without her
I’ll die that day
That day that I doubt her
No option but to wait
What else is there then
Nowhere else will I find
Such a close kinsmen
She knew me inside out
She knew me most deepest
She knew my most crazy
Most deplorable secrets
Nothing without her
And yet thats all I am
I am, Who I am
I am barely a man
No ending to this word
No beginning without her
She knows, or she does not
What I am…
That is all…