GloPoWriMo2017: Day I: The Fortress of Solitude

In a rather secluded part of a large family home a lone figure sits up in his bed. Here he is his most comfortable, lying beneath his quilted blanket, strewn with the colours of a vibrant Peacock and as soft as the fresh cotton bursting from its pod.

Here I will be safe
Here the outside won’t touch me
Here I will find rest

The room, though it has changed many times and existed in many locations, remains ever the same. That one table to the side, littered with discarded wrappers, his grandfather’s ring, that one watch he’s managed not to lose or break and the cough syrup he sometimes sneaks to help him sleep.

There are many things
In my life and on my mind
Do I need them all?

As the sun rises he knows soon he will have to leave the comfort of the womb he has fashioned for himself with pillows and blankets and the familiar warmth of a laptop that heats up just a little too easily. It was almost time to go to work. To put on the ol’ Penguin suit and hide behind his wall of files.

The cold world beckons
And I guess I must answer
For that’s what one does

Begrudgingly and slowly he dressed himself and prepared to say goodbye to his one true place of escape. His Vanishing Point. His Tower of Fate. His Fortress of Solitude. For the real world was pulling at him. And he knew he had not the courage nor the grit to leave it all behind, as he oh so often dreamed he would.

Another day then
Of brave faces and fake smiles
Until I return

(Today’s poem is inspired by the NaPoWriMo early bird prompt – the Haibun – a fun and interesting mash-up of prose and haiku)

Jazz – Day V – NaPoWriMo 2014

Bound in cloth
Left to die
Was where he was found
By curious eyes

A poor lost soul
Dazed and confused
Wounded and bloody
Mortally abused

Terrified yet friendly
Weak from its trial
Taken in by a stranger
Given strength for a while

Still standing in the morn
Still fighting to live
He has found a family
With love to give

A new lease on life
And a brand new name too
The world may have hurt you, Jazz
But we’ll take care of you


What is this place most unfamiliar?
These four walls within which I find myself
Why does it bring back memories
Of a life belonging to someone else?

Is that where I would sit
And think of what once was
Is that where I once laid my head
And stole moments with lovers long-lost

Are those my books lying scattered
In the corner on the floor?
Are those my painful memories
Locked in the trunk by the door?

Why does my heart resist
To let in what loudly knocks?
Why does it build these walls?
Why does it place these locks?

Why does this land feel so alien?
It feels no longer mine
I thought home would be home for always
Home where the sun always shined

Is this madness or ennui?
Am I stolen from my past?
Or has the being so far changed
That what was long gone is gone at last

I feel uneasy in this shell
Of the man that was left behind
It no longer fits that well
It constricts and it binds

What is this face most familiar?
In the mirror at me it stares
I remember those eyes
I remember those wares

This is a man I knew long ago
In these walls he did reside
His memories still linger here
In the shadows he still hides

When I left long ago
It seems some bridges were burned
What is this place most familiar?
And can I ever return?

NaPoWriMo – Day XI – Tanka Truth

In a far off land
Where the sun shines not often
Lives a boy – Victor
“I miss my home and my hearth
How I long to be back there”

A lawman by trade
Victor lives each day in dread
That he is alone
“I wish you were here with me
I’d give anything for that”

But he must go on
For people depend on him
And life is not fair
“If only I did not care
’bout what they wanted for me”

But one day he hopes
For the opportunity
To right things again
“I’ll do right by you one day
If God will give me the chance”

Till then he’ll live life
That’s all that he can do
Nothing else matters
“Life goes on, as it has to
Next time, I won’t let you go”