GloPoWriMo: Day XIII: Half-Baked Haiku

It seems that today the NaPoWriMo prompt is running late (or at least it was when I started writing this post). So for today I’m going to just try to write a short series of Haiku inspired by that which you would least likely expect to inspire… boredom…

The clock ticks slowly
Somewhere a man is sleeping
Sadly it’s not me


Buried under paper
Marked in black and white and red
When will it be six?


My fingers are pink
Are they too pink do you think?
Sigh. Back to work now


Could I have done more?
Could I have brought about change?
Should I have bunked work?


No prompt today
I am sans inspiration
These poems are not good


Theres so much waiting
And often it is for naught
But always waiting


Today the words won’t
Flow from my fingertips like
They normally do


If you’re reading this
You should get back to work and
I guess so should I




From open windows
Sights seen of life and beauty
Of radiant sun

Life giving mother
Spread like an ocean of green
‘Twixt a plane of grey

Her ample bosom
Teeming with love and laughter
Families, lovers

Yet I feel a chill
Messenger of season’s change
The ebbing of life

Greying skies above
The leaves in suicide plunge
Falling epithets

But hold, dark visions!
For now is not yet the time
We yet live and smile

Youth not yet abates
And sweet smells of spring yet flow
And I breathe them in

So for now I sit
At open window and gaze
At nature’s bounty

And I think that I
Shall be sad some other day
Today, life is good

NaPoWriMo – Day XXVII – Rainy Days

Watching rain drops fall
Upon the waters outside
From heavens above

Vapor taking form
Descending upon the earth
With divine purpose

Making the world moist
Nurturing gaia’s children
Ushering forth life

In its wake life slows
People watch where they dare step
Fearing they shall fall

Once we did not fear
We smiled when the clouds broke
And we danced under

When then did we lose
Our imagination
Our bravery

When then did we learn
To start hiding from the rain
For fear we’d get wet

I long to go out
Feel freedom upon bare skin
Feel alive once more

I long to capture
Innocence lost long ago
And play in the rain

NaPoWriMo – Day II – Last Night Was A Disaster

Betrayal and angst
Flashes of ire and envy
‘Twas only a kiss

Bruised hands and bodies
Broken spirits and psyche
The pain barely borne

A lonely walk home
Fueling wrath self inflicted
Raging waves crashing

A brother in arms
Tending wounds, giving shelter
Glimpsing the darkness

The morning after
Savage pounding in my head
The black blue and red

Is it all now lost?
The day, the girl, the friendship
Were ever they mine?

Have I hit bottom?
Is now there nowhere but up?
Can I finally stop?