GloPoWriMo 2018: Day XXVIII: “Heightened Discomfort”

Pain pain
Go away
And don’t come again
Another day

You’re making me cranky
You’re making me mad
And when I tell my friends
You make them sad

Pain pain
Go away
You’re quite the bother
I’ve got to say

You make me tired
You make me slow
You make me beg
When will you go

Pain pain
Go away
I just can’t deal with
You today

GloPoWriMo 2018: Day X: Tunnel Vision

Do you ever remember a moment of clear pain? Do you ever revisit it? How long do you suppose until you can go back to a moment in time and finally start to see beyond it?

At any given time there are a million-billion things occurring around you – from a molecular to a universal level. Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt challenges us to “write a poem of simultaneity – in which multiple things are happening at once”. So I decided to challenge myself to go back to a (somewhat) distant memory. One I’d never seen beyond a few cubic feet. And recall (or imagine) the larger scene, because the one lesson I’ve ever drawn from life – is that it goes on – all around you – with or without you – sometimes it just takes time to figure that out…


I watched her smile
I saw her blush
The radio played a peppy song
A bicycle rung its little bell
My heart welled with happiness
And immediately shattered

I heard the tremble
In her timber
A man was walking his dog
The sun peeked through the clouds
She bit her lip
And I stabbed my nails into my thigh

A deafening silence fell
My phone buzzed, a Pokemon appeared
Lights turned from red to green
The old suspension creaked over potholes
My stomach churned
I fought back the sick

We turned a corner
I drifted miles away
An elderly woman crossed the street
Two children on swings in the park
The car came to a halt
My world had fallen out from under me


GloPoWriMo: Day XXVIII: Falling, Tumbling

Today NaPoWriMo prompts a ‘Skeltonic Verse‘ (best name ever right?!). The description prompted an all too familiar subject so I just ran with it, but this is a particularly fun poetic scheme so I will probably throw in a second challenge entry today. So enjoy the first of you two-for-one NaPoWriMo Skeltonics reader…

Falling, tumbling
Nervously bumbling
Flat on your face
As you heart does race
Past the pain
Again and again
Those old refrains
“This is love”
“She fell from above”
“My turtle-dove”

Pain and pleasure
Beyond all measure
Sometimes fighting
Sometimes biting
Always lighting
Birthday candles
Silly love handles
“Relationship weight”
Then comes hate
It slowly precipitates

Then a split
What a hit
Words get shook
That’s all it took
Now you’re blinded
Absent minded
Craving the past
Till you move on at last

Now newly single
So lets mingle
Meet new people
Most vapid sheeple
But soon through the crowd
One stands aloud
And so then
Lets do it all again

Once Bitten

Once bitten, twice shy
Twice bitten
Should I ask why?

Too much, yet not enough
But close enough
To feel, to touch

Almost there, but not quite
Not quite all
But always right?

Everything, yet no thing at all
Some kind of thing
Known not what to call

Uncertain, confused
But refused

Once bitten, twice shy
Twice bitten
Wish I knew why

The Voice

Do you know what the definition of insanity is Joseph?” the voice said, in an almost soothing tone, “It’s trying the same thing over and over, expecting different results.”

It is in fact one of the most remarkable traits of the human race. We just don’t know when to give up.” The voice said, moving to the far left corner of the room; away from the near limp body secured to a wooden chair, under a single flickering bulb. And as the dark figure from which it exuded stood there, silent for a moment, Joe felt like the room was empty. And for one brief moment he was alone. But sadly only for a moment. “Surely by now you see that you can end this pain Joseph. Just tell me what I want to hear.”

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Jazz – Day V – NaPoWriMo 2014

Bound in cloth
Left to die
Was where he was found
By curious eyes

A poor lost soul
Dazed and confused
Wounded and bloody
Mortally abused

Terrified yet friendly
Weak from its trial
Taken in by a stranger
Given strength for a while

Still standing in the morn
Still fighting to live
He has found a family
With love to give

A new lease on life
And a brand new name too
The world may have hurt you, Jazz
But we’ll take care of you

Chapter 3 – Black and White

King to Bishop Nine” Barekvar said through clenched teeth as he fought the searing hot pain shooting across his arm. “I can watch this no longer.” murmured Manor under his breath as he turned and walked away, unable to continue his exposure to the sight of his best friend putting himself through such agony, “He is a fool” he added, wiping the beginnings of a tear from his left eye. “Listen to me Barekvar!” King shouted. “He has your Queen. This is over. Stop your madness.” But despite his friend’s pleas of sanity he played the game of infernal chess with the Serpent King, refusing to see the last of his hope dwindle in the face of his opponent’s end game.

As the scaly foe hissed in laughter and made his next move, drawing the game to its inevitable end the Lady Lazarus walked quietly to the Battlemage’s side. There she stood. Motionless and without speech. “I don’t want to hear it.” Barekvar grunted, swallowing back the urge to burst from his seat or pass out from inflamed agony. “I know,” she said, breathing in a long and heavy sigh, “But you have to.

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NaPoWriMo – Day III – Time

25 years, 6 months and 12 days,
the time that I have walked this earth

Time is a symbol

4 months and 22 days,
the time since I last saw my mother’s face

Time is at once both a healing and divisive thing

2 day and 11 hours
the time since my heart was last broken

Time is mysterious and at the same time so purely simple

2 years and one month,
the time since my heart was last whole

Time moves on whether we can or not

2 day and 12 hours,
the time since I last cried

Time goes forward without us, despite us, beyond us

10 years, 2 months and 23 days,
the time since I last cried and did not feel ashamed

Time is slave to none and in the end, master of all

12 hours,
the time since I last told a lie

Time in endless and yet passes in the blink of an eye

2 day and 16 hours,
the time since I last smiled

Time is a measure of our lives, and a reminder that it will end

the time since I last smiled and meant it

Time is everything and it is nothing

Time is a lie

NaPoWriMo – Day II – Last Night Was A Disaster

Betrayal and angst
Flashes of ire and envy
‘Twas only a kiss

Bruised hands and bodies
Broken spirits and psyche
The pain barely borne

A lonely walk home
Fueling wrath self inflicted
Raging waves crashing

A brother in arms
Tending wounds, giving shelter
Glimpsing the darkness

The morning after
Savage pounding in my head
The black blue and red

Is it all now lost?
The day, the girl, the friendship
Were ever they mine?

Have I hit bottom?
Is now there nowhere but up?
Can I finally stop?


Untitled Work (A Sequel)

There are words trapped inside me
They beat fiercely against the inside of my chest
Demanding to be freed
To be let out

But I daren’t let them go
Lest they be seen by eyes
That still hold the power to pierce through my heart
Though they have not looked upon my face in an eon

Lest they bring about the wrath
Of a heart rebuilt
After being torn asunder
Or worse yet, its pity

But their’s is not to listen to reason
Theirs’s is to riot and shake
To throw themselves against the walls of my psyche
To break me, bit by bit

Walls that have been built to keep them quiet
To hide them
Away from the light of day
Behind the facade of a smile

Walls of brick and mortar
Held together by waning will
Walls that serve to ebb the tides
But cannot halt them

One day the levies will break
One day the walls will come crashing down
One day the prisoners will be freed from their icy prison
One day they will tear through

Now there is but the question of when…