GloPoWriMo: Day VI: Top Of The World

A short little hike
From a hillside home
There is place atop the world
A small little plateau
Cut into a mountain
Decorated with pines and birds

There lies a table of sorts
With a natural marquee
And carpet made of green
There I once sat in silence
Breathed in the world
I sat and I dreamed

Before the hounds began to bark
The day’s noise began
And the sun shook the sleep from its eyes
I sat by my table
With a cup of tea
I looked down on the world and spied

I spied clouds of cotton
Mountains of brown and gold
And a blanket of green and blue
I saw everything that can be
Far away from man
And the things we do

I sat at my table
In my little nook in nature
Atop the whole of the world
I sat at that table
I smiled at the sun
And I enjoyed the songs of the birds


A Kewl Day Out at the Royal Botanic Gardens

There is nothing so peaceful and relaxing as escaping to the beautiful serenity of nature of a warm sunny day. So a few days my friend and I, having the day off, went to the Kew Gardens to do just that. Well technically I’m not working right now so they’re all off days ; p

Walking around all afternoon we had the most amazing time exploring the various Greenhouse enclosures and the vast grounds. Though we were hard pressed to cover the entire area, we saw some beautiful canopy from the Tree Top Walkway and enjoyed soothing breezes through the Bamboo gardens. Though there are paths for the quick explorers, if you go “off-road”, as we took to doing, you can find some really beautiful and secluded spots to just stop, sit and enjoy the unbelievably fresh and clean air. I’m not kidding! Even though London is a fairly clean city, especially compared to some cities back in India, the air out at Kew is in a whole other league. I felt healthier just walking around ; p And some true hilarity ensued when we tried to leave and kept getting ourselves hopelessly lost.

I highly recommend you grab a few friends, pack a small picnic and set out to explore it for yourself. I just can’t believe that you’d be disappointed. Who knows, you might even make some new friends there ; ) And you would be horticulturists, be sure to drop by the Garden Shop on the way out.

Go here to plan your day out – Kew Gardens

Sunny Sunday Stroll

What better way to spend a beautiful day like today than walking around London basking in the sun! So that’s what my friend and I decided to do. We began our journey at the Soho Flea Market where we briefly enjoyed a performance by duo Lilygreen and Maguire (who were quite wonderful) before getting some tasty milkshakes at Ed’s Diner. From there we meandered about Trafalgar Square, walked up to Buckingham Palace (which is a lot smaller than I remember!) and then walked through beautiful Green Park. I managed to get some nice shots so I thought I’d share them before I lie down for a nice lazy sunday siesta : )