Black is White – Day XXII – NaPoWriMo 2014

I see things that aren’t there                                                           Amidst the shadows
Hidden within your very stare                                                                     There is light
You may not see                                                                      For those who are ready
Past your own hair                                                                              To stand and fight
But I see those things                                                              Never falter, never shake
That aren’t there                                                                      For your very soul’s sake

Madmen speaking heresies                                                                    But never easy
That’s what they called those that did see                                                     Is the road
The things that were                                                                        It is full of hardships
But couldn’t be                                                                                 Stocked with woes
Just because                                                         But if you are strong, you’ll succeed
Their minds were free                                   And reap reward for the blood you bleed

An outsider, maybe, to some                                                                            Open up
Is what, perhaps, you will become                                                   Your fastened eyes
If you refuse                                                                                         And see the truth
To keep mum                                                                                              In its demise
In front of doubters                                           Twisted by those that were to protect it
Who, your way, come                                   But in its name, they went and wrecked it

But this is the price we pay                                                                          Break away
To see not what is, but what may                                          Their shackles and chains
To say we saw                                                                                   And we shall build
That glorious day                                                                              From what remains
When none were blind                                                           A new hope. A new world
To the sun’s rays                                        Where black and white, is a lot less blurred

And thought sometimes I may be scared                                                          Only you
To face those who cannot bare                                                                  And I remain
To see one                                                                                             To fight this fight
Whose sight is rare                                                                               So we must train
I am free                                                                    The day comes, and it comes fast
So I do not care                                                                  When we will be, free at last

True Lies – Day II – NaPoWriMo 2014

Words flow forth freely
But whose words are these, not mine
They are another’s

Yet the words ring close
As if most familiar
Yet of foreign tongue

Words of truth and hope
Of justice and loyalty
Of the home and hearth

Words most powerful
Turning minds and hearts alike
Towards noble goal

Convincing even
Their speaker, unassuming
Unbeknownst to him

Are they then a lie?
If spoken sans conviction
But heard lacking none

Or am I the lie?
Hiding behind nonchalance
Afraid of their truth

What is the answer?
Which of the lies then holds true?
The one told or lived?

NaPoWriMo – Day XII – My Experiments With Truth

Writing a new poem everyday has been quite interesting so far. Sometimes inspiration flows, sometimes it has to be forced, but‘s daily prompts have been quite helpful. Its been challenging and fun experimenting with different styles and themes. Which brings us to today. I’m not going to lie. This one is going to be tough. The challenge today is to “write a poem consisting entirely of things you’d like to say, but never would, to a parent, lover, sibling, child, teacher, roommate, best friend, mayor, president, corporate CEO, etc.”

So here it goes… This is probably going to hurt…

All I ever wanted
Was to hear out loud
That I didn’t disappoint you
That I made you proud

I will never be good enough
For the world’s eyes
And in trying to
I’ve lived a life of lies

I’ve made peace with some of it
Some of it still stings
I might be stuck being unhappy
But there are still the small things

I wish I had been better
And showed you that I cared
I was just too young to realize
That you were just scared

I wish I could have protected you
I wish you had more time
He’ll never love me like he loved you
No matter how many mountains I climb

You had a zest for life that I do not
You would’ve excelled with every dawn
I feel guilty that I’m still here
And you’re the one that’s gone

I wish I could reach out to you
I lost you somewhere past
I miss our camaraderie
I should have made it last

I wish that we were closer
That I could be your friend
I hope that we will come back
To the bond we had back when

I know I wasn’t the greatest
That I was a bully of sorts
But I still love you two
And I’ll be there for all life’s got

I never should have let you go
It wasn’t you but me
I was scared and I was stupid
I was too blind to see

I thought it was the right thing
I didn’t think I was strong enough
But I’m not asking for another chance
I’m not saying I’ve had it rough

I’m ready to let you go
But it’s just so hard to do
No matter how hard I try
I can’t stop loving you

This has been an experiment in honesty
They say the truth will set you free
But now I just feel scared
Of what this truth might do to me

It’s easy to be honest
If it’s not to someone’s face
Write it on a piece of paper
And hide it in a cold dark place

You will read these words and maybe
Some of you will know quite well
Of the people to whom I speak
But am too afraid to tell

Part of me wonders what will happen
Will they pity? Will they rage?
Then part just smiles and think no more
Because they’ll never visit this page

NaPoWriMo – Day XI – Tanka Truth

In a far off land
Where the sun shines not often
Lives a boy – Victor
“I miss my home and my hearth
How I long to be back there”

A lawman by trade
Victor lives each day in dread
That he is alone
“I wish you were here with me
I’d give anything for that”

But he must go on
For people depend on him
And life is not fair
“If only I did not care
’bout what they wanted for me”

But one day he hopes
For the opportunity
To right things again
“I’ll do right by you one day
If God will give me the chance”

Till then he’ll live life
That’s all that he can do
Nothing else matters
“Life goes on, as it has to
Next time, I won’t let you go”


It is a plague upon each heart and mind
A cancer upon each soul it finds
From noble home and hearth they came
Soon to rise by raising blame

It tore them up and built them anew
All the while their hearts it drew
Into seductive darkness so mystifying
Until they stood no longer knowing that they were dying

They came once upon a time
Full of vigor, in their prime
But each step in the sand proved too harsh
‘Til strength no longer was left to march

Their kingdom come did fall from high places
As the wolfish smile did don their faces
They crossed the desert so long and weary
But the price they paid was o so dreary

Their words of wine did turn to vinegar
Conferring upon themselves, the title of harbinger
Of truth! Of justice! Of freedom sought
For all the ideals for which they once fought

But they are mere words now that fall so hollow
Making each next lie a little easier to swallow
They are justified they say, they do what it takes
That deep below real diamonds hide, below exteriors faked

It’s how the world works, get used to it sonny!
The truth is it does take some lies and money
You can sit aside and judge, if you think you should
But the truth is it takes evil to bring out good

It may be true that I simplify
It may be true that I have an idealistic eye
I may be naive, I may be a child
Refusing to see just how real the world is, how wild

I need to know that the world can be better
That integrity is worth more than the postage on a letter
I once thought I had mentors of highest daunting
Whom I looked upon for guidance when I found the world wanting

But I have seen now how wild the world is, how real
I have seen that sometimes it takes more than just zeal
I have seen that sometimes you must trip your opponents in the mud to win the race
I have seen angels, fall from grace