Cloudy With A Chance of Existentialism – Day VIII – NaPoWriMo 2014

I remember these stars
I stood below them a lifetime ago
Not knowing what was before me
Nor caring

These are the same skies
‘Neath which I played as a child
With friends long lost
Now found again

But though the heavens above remain unshaken
The men below have changed
They have lost innocence once held dear
Traded for discord and disharmony

They have hardened themselves
Drawn lines in the sand
Lines crossed too often
Yet not oft enough

They have “grown up”
Taken larger affairs in hand
Speaking of morality and governance and national growth indexes
Ignoring what they cannot reconcile

It used to be so simple, so clear
Black and white
Before the world became cloudy
Before the world became gray

I miss that child from long ago
Who played hide and seek amongst the gunny sacks
And smiled from opens jeeps with a flag in hand
Throwing stickers to the crowds

But that chubby little cherub is long gone
And I think I’m rambling
I think I’ve gone off track
I think we all have…


What is this place most unfamiliar?
These four walls within which I find myself
Why does it bring back memories
Of a life belonging to someone else?

Is that where I would sit
And think of what once was
Is that where I once laid my head
And stole moments with lovers long-lost

Are those my books lying scattered
In the corner on the floor?
Are those my painful memories
Locked in the trunk by the door?

Why does my heart resist
To let in what loudly knocks?
Why does it build these walls?
Why does it place these locks?

Why does this land feel so alien?
It feels no longer mine
I thought home would be home for always
Home where the sun always shined

Is this madness or ennui?
Am I stolen from my past?
Or has the being so far changed
That what was long gone is gone at last

I feel uneasy in this shell
Of the man that was left behind
It no longer fits that well
It constricts and it binds

What is this face most familiar?
In the mirror at me it stares
I remember those eyes
I remember those wares

This is a man I knew long ago
In these walls he did reside
His memories still linger here
In the shadows he still hides

When I left long ago
It seems some bridges were burned
What is this place most familiar?
And can I ever return?

NaPoWriMo – Day III – Time

25 years, 6 months and 12 days,
the time that I have walked this earth

Time is a symbol

4 months and 22 days,
the time since I last saw my mother’s face

Time is at once both a healing and divisive thing

2 day and 11 hours
the time since my heart was last broken

Time is mysterious and at the same time so purely simple

2 years and one month,
the time since my heart was last whole

Time moves on whether we can or not

2 day and 12 hours,
the time since I last cried

Time goes forward without us, despite us, beyond us

10 years, 2 months and 23 days,
the time since I last cried and did not feel ashamed

Time is slave to none and in the end, master of all

12 hours,
the time since I last told a lie

Time in endless and yet passes in the blink of an eye

2 day and 16 hours,
the time since I last smiled

Time is a measure of our lives, and a reminder that it will end

the time since I last smiled and meant it

Time is everything and it is nothing

Time is a lie

Kiss Me, Stupid!

According to page 6 of today’s evening standard, a survey of Cineworld Unlimited customers revealed that the spagetti-eating scene from Disney’s classic “Lady and the Tramp” is Britain’s favorite screen kiss. This is rather surprising, while at the same time it isn’t (yes that sentence did actually make sense in my head!). The people surveyed are obviously adults, who probably watched this movie decades ago, but may have re-watched it since in bouts of nostalgia. So it seems as this particular demographic grew older, they started cherishing their old “awwww” moments over the, what seems like, mass produced market of rom-coms (Romantic Comedies). When I think about it, thats actually cute. I myself can remember watching childhood favorites, snuggled up with that special someone – well to be clear it was more me forcing them to watch movies which I held as staples of my childhood in an attempt to educate them to the fact that I WILL NEVER GROW UP! ;-p

The movie itself came out in 1955, which just sounds absurd right? I mean I’m sure so many of us watched it as kids, I know I did. So to think that it was such a popular staple of childhood cinema that someone from my generation watched it growing up, say somewhere between 1995-1999, 40 years after its release, is truly baffling, and at the same time heart-warming. But to tell you the truth, I find it hard to imagine that the same hold today. Children’s movies these days – like Finding Nemo, Kung-Fu Panda, Cars – are far more action-packed and fast paced. Are kids today still watching Lady and the Tramp, Ferngully, Dumbo or 101 Dalmatians? I’m going to guess no. Which is sad, because some of those original Disney flics are classics. That’s not to say that the new ones are great. How does the saying go? “Never forget where you come from”

Hmmmm… I find that I went way-off course as I wrote this entry. The original idea was to do a Top 10 Movie Kisses of my own, but I guess I got lost in the wonderful world of older days, when movies always had happy endings and gave you that fuzzy feeling inside. Well I suppose I’ll hold off on that one till tomorrow – Do it as a “V Day” post. Come back if you’re interested.

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Don’t say I never wrote a Song about you

Every night when I go to sleep
There’s one thought,
In my mind it creeps
Every time I close my eyes,
Its a picture of you,
That I spy

I miss you,
Oh what can I say,
I miss you,
With all my might

I miss you

I stare at a torn photograph,
And all I hear,
Is the sound of your laugh
My memories tear at the seams,
But its only you,
That’s in my dreams

I miss you,
Oh what can I say
Wanna kiss you,
Hold you every day

I miss you

Yes I miss you,
Every night, All I want is to say
Is I miss you,
All night,
And my only thought

Is I’ve missed you…