Disclaimer – Please Read

Content appearing on this blog is the intellectual property of Zafar Khurshid, except where otherwise credited, and is available for use for commercial, non-commercial and/or educational purposes, provided prior authorization is asked for. Any use of the material appearing on this site without prior authorization or license, subject to applicable statutory exceptions, may constitute infringement.

Where authorization is given or use is otherwise permitted, the author still reserves and asserts all moral rights including the right to be identified as author in the form of name and original source of the material. Suggested format – (Zafar Khurshid, Musings of an Eclectic Soul, linked to https://khurshidzafar.wordpress.com or specific URL of content)

The content on this blog is solely my own and does not represent the views or opinions of Queen Mary University of London or the London Universities International Partnership or any other person living or dead, except where attributed to be so.

The header images are the default images parceled with the theme used. The author of this blog does not claim any copyright in the same.

2 thoughts on “Disclaimer – Please Read

    • Absolutely ok with you using the pic. Thank you for the credit. Could you just add my name before the name of the blog please – Zafar Khurshid.

      Enjoyed looking over your blog. Must say I’m quite jealous. I wish I had the time, money and inclination to check out gigs that regularly : )

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