GloPoWriMo 2018: Day XXIX: Rollercoaster

Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt makes me think about the phrase ‘lost in translation’. Not because I’m literally “translating” from one language to another (an exercise NaPoWriMo has prompted before with strange and sometimes humorous results) – More because I don’t know if this distilled product is at all representative of what I started out with. But in the end it is what has come out of it. And perhaps therein lies the purpose. (Did that sound a bit pretentious? Coz I feel like maybe it sounded a bit pretentious ; P)


We met
Week before classes started

Didn’t really notice her
She got with someone else
A guy’s-guy. Handsome. White
Lot of things I wasn’t

I remember
the night
All dressed up
Make up. The works
Just had eyes for her

Grew closer
More than her
Heart started to fall
Didn’t see me that way
They never do

In time she saw, desirable qualities
But I don’t know
Actually “desirable”
I wasn’t like the others
Maybe she settled

Always felt
Held back
Thought I didn’t think
She was beautiful
So wrong
Couldn’t get her to
Something missing
That instant attraction
Lack there of

I wish I believed
She believed me
Don’t regret much
Regret that
Never… one
Piece missing

Don’t talk about us
Too painful
Hurt too much to hear
The truth
That was part of it
Didn’t talk
Didn’t open up

I was smitten
Remember that
I’ll never believe
She was too



GloPoWriMo 2018: Day II: 1A

I’ll admit dear readers, today’s NaPoWriMo prompt gave me pause. It’s about voices. And perspectives. And as someone who usually writes from a personal place it was a challenging start… In the end I decided why settle? I’ll cover them all. So here’s my attempt at the challenge of perspective… through the voice of three in one… 1A…

It was a blind leap for me
I was hesitant and scared
To do something so new
Something I’d never dared

For the first time to call home anew
And to share myself so wholly
Could this be my most grand adventure
Or a massive ruddy folly

But with love and friendship in one column
I could never have said no
Even if my “lizard brain”
Was warning against doing so


You were so much to me then
But brand new and a little confusing
And to take such a step so soon
Was confoundingly bemusing

In your face I saw hesitation
Would you find me to be too stifling
Were you afraid I’d dig too deep
Lift your hood and go about rifling

Yet in the end so made me whole
And I will forget, yet never so
Home is where the heart is
And I’ll always remember our home


From the rafters I watch them
Play their little games
Act like they are so different
Yet they’re so completely the same

She was too afraid to start
He too anxious of the end
Yet they took the leap together
And now, “just friends”

Yet for the tragedy of the separation
Together they were such joy
And man what a time was had
By boy, and girl, and boy

Looking for some poetic treats? Why not ogle through my archive. Or go check out what Day 2 has brought out of the other NaPoWriMo participants today.

GloPoWriMo 2018: Day I: As I Lay My Head

Hello dear reader! I’m back from another unofficial hiatus with this year’s GloPoWriMo challenge. For those not in the know, this is where you write a poem a day for the month of April. It’s a fun, and surprisingly taxing, endeavour that I’ve attemping for a few years running now.

So lets kick off Global Poetry Writing Month 2018 with poem number one…

Every morning I wake with you
Wrapped tightly in your embrace
My scent lingering upon you
As I rub the night from my face

Every night you await me
And pull me into sleep
And we lay quietly together
As I drift off counting sheep

What words could explain
The joy your existence brings to mine
What peace it brings to my life
How you make it all, just fine

And as I lay my head
Upon your pillowy mounds
How do I come to describe
The rest that I’ve long last found

Today’s poem is based on the NaPoWriMo early bed prompt – Writing a love letter… to an object. A fun idea indeed. And how did it turn out? Well that I leave to you dear reader.


GloPoWriMo: Day XXVIII: Falling, Tumbling

Today NaPoWriMo prompts a ‘Skeltonic Verse‘ (best name ever right?!). The description prompted an all too familiar subject so I just ran with it, but this is a particularly fun poetic scheme so I will probably throw in a second challenge entry today. So enjoy the first of you two-for-one NaPoWriMo Skeltonics reader…

Falling, tumbling
Nervously bumbling
Flat on your face
As you heart does race
Past the pain
Again and again
Those old refrains
“This is love”
“She fell from above”
“My turtle-dove”

Pain and pleasure
Beyond all measure
Sometimes fighting
Sometimes biting
Always lighting
Birthday candles
Silly love handles
“Relationship weight”
Then comes hate
It slowly precipitates

Then a split
What a hit
Words get shook
That’s all it took
Now you’re blinded
Absent minded
Craving the past
Till you move on at last

Now newly single
So lets mingle
Meet new people
Most vapid sheeple
But soon through the crowd
One stands aloud
And so then
Lets do it all again

GloPoWriMo: Day XX: Pawn Takes King

Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt encourages participants to incorporate the vocabulary and imagery of a sport. So I hope you enjoy this hastily penned piece attempting to put a gothically romantic twist on the sport most readily analogous to life…

They called him the Music Man
A nom de plume well met
His entire body dripped with soul
Made the gents groove, the ladies wet

He may have been just a pawn in life
For the kings and the queens of the city
But this one black pawn made moves so sweet
It made the world feel less gritty

His life may have not been much
At each turn he came after the white man
But he cared nothing for all that jazz
He was happy with his axe, his girl, and his van

Now the kings and queens of the city
They cared or knew little of pawns
So when a hit needed to be taken
A random one was called on

So it was in this war
A black pawn did fall
And another pawn did shatter
At the sound of her dying call

Now love is a wonderful thing
It makes light and it gives life
But a true love snatched away
Gives a peaceful man a knife

And so a pawn did take a knight
And then a castle and a rook
While the kings and queens did gawk
He played by hook or crook

Till that fateful day when they met
A black pawn and the king he did hate
And came those fateful words
First check, and then mate

GloPoWriMo: Day XI: How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria?

A challenging and interesting prompt from NaPoWriMo today – to write a ‘Bop’.

While I’ve heard of Bops I’ve never actually experienced one, so I may be way off with this (particulary its written to a rhythm heard only in my head)… but here goes nothing…

Her crazy eyes and crazier demeanor
Hide a funny, querky, simple girl
She dances like there’s no one ever watching
Though secretly she’s scared of the world
You wont keep up if you ever tried to
But if you’re brave go give it a whirl

Oh how do you solve a problem like Maria
That girl is as wild as they come
How do you solve a problem like Maria
As free as the ever setting sun

Now here’s the real problem with Maria
She’s ever so present and kind
The very real problem with Maria
Is that I really really want to make her mine
A simple fool of 20 and a few years
I never ever did think I had a shot
To find a girl as wonderful and daring
But if she’s the net then I am surely caught

Oh how do you solve a problem like Maria
That girl is as wild as they come
How do you solve a problem like Maria
As free as the ever setting sun

Now if you’re actually interested in this story
I’ll tell you the most surprising part
This simple, querky, funny girl Maria
Seems she also liked me from the start
So maybe I should give up solving problems
And for once just listen to my heart

Oh, you dont solve a problem like Maria
That girl who is as wild as they come
I think I like this problem called Maria
Beautiful as the setting sun

 GloPoWriMo: Day IX: ‘9’

Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt-ed poem goes out to a special fraulein out there. You broke my heart. But I’ll always love you : )

Will you be my eternal love
Will you keep my heart safely
Will you always make it all fine
Will you wake up next to me
Will you always be truthful
Will you hold your self against mine
Will you hold my hand
Will you let me love you forever
She just smiled and she said nein

GloPoWriMo: Day VII: The Many Reflections of “Us”

What are we, you and I?
After all we do and say
Together and apart
Let me count the ways

Strangers once
From different worlds
Brought together by chance

Acquaintances too
Who exchanged pleasantries
And the occasional furtive glance

Friends at last
Though longing more
Open with heart and soul

Lovers at last
After many moons
Two that became one whole

Friends again
Being pulled apart
By impending separation

Acquaintances at best
Losing touch
With that long lost elation

Strangers in the end
From what was once so key

What are we, you and I?
And what will we be?

Once Bitten

Once bitten, twice shy
Twice bitten
Should I ask why?

Too much, yet not enough
But close enough
To feel, to touch

Almost there, but not quite
Not quite all
But always right?

Everything, yet no thing at all
Some kind of thing
Known not what to call

Uncertain, confused
But refused

Once bitten, twice shy
Twice bitten
Wish I knew why

Thodi Shayarin

Teri mohabbat ka ye
Saroor hai
Ki mera pyaar,
Tere hoton se dur hai

Main jitna chahun
Na badal sakun,
Tera dil, mere dil
Se masroof hai

Maine chaha tha bohat
Tujhne apna banana

Par is duniya ne banaya
Mujhe be-mansoor hai

Teri mohabbat ka ye
Saroor hai
Ki mera pyaar tere hoton
Se dur hai

Chahun bhi to
Na jit paun
Mera inaam mere haton
Se bada dur hai

Teri mohabbat ka ye
Saroor hai
Ki meta pyaar tere hoton
Se dur hai