GloPoWriMo 2018: Day XXII: Done the Impossible

Have you ever seen
A clock that strikes thirteen
Would you believe me if I told you
That such a thing had been

It was on February 31st
At just past mid-day
The sun was about to set
And the pigs were flying away

I’d just woken from my day at work
And a frigid summer breeze was blowing
The TV was set to TNT
And episode 14 of Firefly was showing

I looked upon my Grandson Clock
Its wings struck by a moon beam
And as I saw its gentle hand strike
I woke from a peculiar dream


GloPoWriMo 2018: Day XVII: Running Away From Home

For the life of me I can’t think of a family anecdote. I mean there must be dozens, hundreds even. But for some reason when I saw the NaPoWriMo prompt today my mind just drew a blank; and continues to do so. The one thought that did pop into my head was an amusing one though. It’s apparently a short little story of childhood hubris. I even remember it being published in the school magazine when I wrote about in Class/Grade 3 or 4. Sadly I don’t have the original to share. But, since we do live in the golden age of reboots…

(And do try to remember this is from the perspective of a 6-7 year old)



I’ve had enough of this
I’m supposed to be the favourite
How dare they ignore my tantrum
And leave before I can savour it

I’m supposed to get the attention
Coz I’m the biggest boy
I’m supposed to get the sweets
The first pick of the toys

I’ll teach them all to ignore me
I’ll run away and hide
Then  they’ll regret not doting
Then I’ll make them cry

I’ll pack my tiffin box
And I’ll get into my car
And by the time they notice
I’ll be so very far

Though there was a small flaw in my plan
Upon which I did not arrive
I was sat in the back seat
Because I didn’t know how to drive

That’s where they found me an hour later
Where I’d sat without a peep
And they tried not to laugh or snigger
Because I was fast asleep


GloPoWriMo 2018: Day XIV: In Dreams, I Walk With You

While I remember being curious about Freud’s ‘The Interpretation of Dreams‘ in school (Yes. I was that kid), I’ve never spent so much dwelling on dreams, other than sometimes as a source for bizarre inspiration. I’ve certainly never consulted a ‘Dream Dictionary’, something I did today to think about today’s NaPoWriMo prompt. I was pleasantly engaged. And lightly inspired…

The tea cup represents
A state of fragility
And if chipped a latent fear
Of tedious domesticity

When swinging from its handle
It suggests a lack of hope
Like that of a man
Playing once last time with rope

But if full of sweet tea
It means joy and good wishes
If dirty, possibly guilt
Over not washing some dishes

If Red, Brown, or Yellow
You are craving a trip
Unless it turns Blue
Once you’ve taken a sip

An empty tea cup implies
That you need to drink more water
When surrounded by stuffed Hobgoblins
That you hate your daughter

Tea Cup (noun):
Powerful dream symbol
See also G-Strings,
Altoids, or Thimble


P.S. Apologies to any confused readers who don’t get the Title misdirect. And kudos to the fans of a certain underrated piece of brilliance who did! (Hey! I’m proud of you!)



GloPoWriMo 2018: Day XIII: The Dirty Dance

A curious NaPoWriMo prompt today. And an unsure poet with half baked ideas. Surely a recipe for a quirky piece for Day 13…

A man and a woman stood
Stares locked in anticipation
Upon each’s forehead
Nervous precipitation

Hands reached out cautiously
To undo metal teeth
Eyes darting to the other
To ensure consent was seen

With a small little act
Bodies suddenly to life
The tension in the room
You could cut with a Ginsu knife

Limbs became intertwined
Breaths were inches apart
Pouring was the sweat
Racing were the hearts

Hair and pillows went flying
At times so did a curse
Something rather unmentionable
Ended up inside her purse

Till at last they found a pause
And wits returned slowly
Reflecting on what they’d created
A mess most unholy

And at last one of them spoke
With redness in their face
I think its time to put
The dog back in the suitcase

(For those who might not have guessed, the idiom/phrase I went with for inspiration was “let the cat out of the bag”)

GloPoWriMo 2018: Day III: The Hunt for the Ridiculous

Today’s NaPoWriMo concoction is loosely based on the dialy prompt (and mostly based on a whim this morning to make up funny words).

So if you’re in a silly mood, like I was, perhaps you’ll enjoy… The Hunt for the Ridiculous

Welcome to the hunt young one
Have you your rifle polished
Our safari must be underway
Lest our purpose be untimely abolished

Shall we hunt the Shimmering Flippet
For its valuable ivory toes
Or shall we track the Gargantuan Tip-Tip
For the saliva it secretes from its nose

No perhaps the Invisible Jubby
For its most gorgeous and colourful coat
No the Sky Soaring Land Snake
But for that we’ll need a boat

There are several Plum Faced Bangarangs
And live Vile Evil Cutesies
The fur from a few dozen Snot Bugs
Could make some warm little bootsies

Watch out for Stinky Ticklers
Or Jibber-Jabbering Grunks
And watch your step on those branches
One may be a Kokona’s trunk

Shhh! I think I hear a Fearsome Fickle-Shtick
Or is it a Scaredy Shtickle
Lets wait a moment and check
If the air smells like carrots or pickles

Hurry young hunter and pick your quarry
Your life may be at stake
Hurry and move along this adventure
For it is almost time to wake!

GloPoWriMo: Day XVIII: Neorhythms

Today NaPoWriMo prompts us to use a few neologisms – briefly, make up some words! So bucklace yourself… something silly this way comes…

What is the sound of laughter
Is a ha ha or guffaw?
Or can it go hee hee
Or hauwa hauwa hauwa

What is the sound of sadness?
A dreary sigh or a puny sssnph
A heavy waaa-aaa-aaah
Or a deep and evil ssssssss

What is the sound of a soul that shatters
Does it go crash or bang?
Or more like a quiet tissshhh
Or kraka-karish-karang

What is the sound of a heart made light?
Is it a mmmm or a phew
The sounds of just nothing
Or a thumpity-thump, tha-pew

What it the sound of creation?
Aha! or Oho! or Yes!
I have it! Or Eureka!
Or a resounding, ba-dum-tsh!

What is the sound of someone making something up?
Is it a poem just like this
With made up words and funny sounds
And an unoriginal ending… ba-dum-tish!

GloPoWriMo: Day XIV: Edmund the Saint

Okay keeping it short and light today with NaPoWriMo‘s prompt – a Clerihew

And a shout out to fellow Teddies out there. This one’s for the Hall (hope you can forgive me ; p)

Edmund the Saint
So great he ain’t
He picked his nose and ate the boogers
Told his mum, “tastes like Sugar”

So Wrong it was Right: The Play That Goes Wrong (Duchess Theatre, London)

Today I caught the matinée show of ‘The Play That Goes Wrong‘ a brilliantly slap-stick comedy production, currently being staged at the Duchess Theatre in London’s West End. Offering a “play within a play” this play revolves around a disastrously comical (or should I say comically disastrous?) production of ‘A Murder at Haversham Manor’, being staged by the rather amusing (and so familiarly) amateurish the theatre troupe of the ‘Cornley Polytechnic’.

As a warm-up to the show, cast members, playing the crew, ran about the stage and bar area frantically trying to get the stage ready for the “grand opening” (a nervous energy I remember all too well from having staged a number of college performances). And while, running some 15 minutes, it may seem to drag on a bit, this little warm up was a great way to get the crowd ready for the antics and laughs soon to come.

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Joining the Tig Nation – Tig Notaro Live at the O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire

Okay I think a lot fewer people would have “the Mondays” if they managed to stat their week off the way I did – with a superb comedy gig. Stumbling about on LiveNation yesterday, hunting for some fun stuff to do while I’m in London, I came across a comedy gig by Tig Notaro (a known comic if you’re from the States, lesser so here in England or back home in India) and was delighted when there were still tickets available for the show. So of course I booked immediately!

Before I get into her set though, a few words about the support act – Matt Rees. In his own words, his set is all about junk food, sex and drinking – “Are you okay with that? Good. Coz that’s all there is.” I wasn’t familiar with Rees before yesterday, but I’d be happy to come to a show again. He dry humor and often deadpan delivery were a good match up for Tig Notaro’s style, though the content was far blue-er I suppose. If I had to describe him to my friends I’d say, “think Louis C.K meets Milton Jones” – funny, a bit crass, self-deprecating and with lots of confusingly humorous jokes.

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Noddy & Jet – Day XXV – NaPoWriMo 2014

There once was a squirrel named noddy
Who had a teeny tiny body
He wasn’t a threat
To anyone he met
Though his manners were a bit shoddy

Noddy didn’t have many friends
But one day that misery did end
For he met
A sparrow named jet
And their days from then did blend

The pair had a favourite spot
To chill when it was hot
In a tree by the river
A real shade giver
There they’d sit and smoke pot

Having smoked they would sit and laugh
And they’d stuff their faces till they near barfed
Till one day this man
In a big metal can
Came and cut their dear tree in half

Now this made the two quite sad
They thought of all the good times they’d had
In that tree in the shade
The home they had made
And then they got a little mad

So noddy and jet hatched a scheme
To get back at this man most mean
They set his house on fire
And sat on a wire
Laughing as he did burn and scream

Now when this story in motion I did set
This way it would go, you wouldn’t bet
But take this lesson to heart
Before we part
Don’t f*ck with noddy and jet