Feliz Navidad

A friendly festive season
From bitter cold to balmy warm
From trimming trees with chilly breeze
To where mass and masses are the norm

I feel the love of so many
Family and friends, old and new
If I bet, I’ve some regrets
But only very few

In the quad and by the piano
There are carols all round
Warm wishes, festive dishes
And such happiness found

There are presents and lights
And the Christmas spirit is flowing
Warm hugs, heart tugs
And a nose that is glowing

A beautiful Christmas Tree
With merry tinsel tied
Plush and green, oh so keen
Making me happy inside

Tis the time of giving
Giving warmth and gifts and joy
Tis the season, to find a reason
To spread love to every girl and boy

So from a boy with so many places
Which home he could now call
What more to say, happy holidays
And Merry Christmas to you all


Once Bitten

Once bitten, twice shy
Twice bitten
Should I ask why?

Too much, yet not enough
But close enough
To feel, to touch

Almost there, but not quite
Not quite all
But always right?

Everything, yet no thing at all
Some kind of thing
Known not what to call

Uncertain, confused
But refused

Once bitten, twice shy
Twice bitten
Wish I knew why

A Fork in the Road

I travel a path well laid
With promises and expectations known
With costs few, and dues paid
With futures seen and plans made
I travel, this path I was shown

But in traveling I have heard of another way
Approaching in a fork ahead
This road has many tolls to pay
And where it ends I could not say
But it begins, to call my tread

For this new path has temptations of love
Of happiness and new glories
It shows opportunity to see new stars above
Of a new world to be part of
Of amazing, and thrilling stories

Now I know not which path I’ll take
Though I’m afraid in the end
With uncertainty in my wake
And a life not lived at stake
I might break, if I don’t bend

I have frosty words ringing in my ear
And yet many miles to go
I have sorrow and I have fear
But also happiness and cheer
And where I’ll end up, who knows

The Voice

Do you know what the definition of insanity is Joseph?” the voice said, in an almost soothing tone, “It’s trying the same thing over and over, expecting different results.”

It is in fact one of the most remarkable traits of the human race. We just don’t know when to give up.” The voice said, moving to the far left corner of the room; away from the near limp body secured to a wooden chair, under a single flickering bulb. And as the dark figure from which it exuded stood there, silent for a moment, Joe felt like the room was empty. And for one brief moment he was alone. But sadly only for a moment. “Surely by now you see that you can end this pain Joseph. Just tell me what I want to hear.”

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