GloPoWriMo 2018: Day XXVIII: Wish You Were Here

Okay I really like today’s NaPoWriMo prompt! It’s short and sweet and I knew immediately what I wanted to write. So take a minute, picture your favourite holiday destination, possibly play some Incubus and read on…

Greeting from here
How is it back there
It’s so nice to be away
Almost heaven I swear

Having a swell time
Not the same without you
The air is so sweet
The sky is so blue

I’m lying in the sun
Watching my troubles disappear
Like I said, almost heaven
Wish you were here

PS – Yes I know the prompt today was to write a “prose poem”, but I tried a few drafts and it just didn’t work for me – so I went will a good old-fashioned standard ABCB : P

PPS – Go through the vintage postcards from the NaPoWriMo prompt – Some of them are so idyllic!


Don’t say I never wrote a Song about you

Every night when I go to sleep
There’s one thought,
In my mind it creeps
Every time I close my eyes,
Its a picture of you,
That I spy

I miss you,
Oh what can I say,
I miss you,
With all my might

I miss you

I stare at a torn photograph,
And all I hear,
Is the sound of your laugh
My memories tear at the seams,
But its only you,
That’s in my dreams

I miss you,
Oh what can I say
Wanna kiss you,
Hold you every day

I miss you

Yes I miss you,
Every night, All I want is to say
Is I miss you,
All night,
And my only thought

Is I’ve missed you…