Cloudy With A Chance of Existentialism – Day VIII – NaPoWriMo 2014

I remember these stars
I stood below them a lifetime ago
Not knowing what was before me
Nor caring

These are the same skies
‘Neath which I played as a child
With friends long lost
Now found again

But though the heavens above remain unshaken
The men below have changed
They have lost innocence once held dear
Traded for discord and disharmony

They have hardened themselves
Drawn lines in the sand
Lines crossed too often
Yet not oft enough

They have “grown up”
Taken larger affairs in hand
Speaking of morality and governance and national growth indexes
Ignoring what they cannot reconcile

It used to be so simple, so clear
Black and white
Before the world became cloudy
Before the world became gray

I miss that child from long ago
Who played hide and seek amongst the gunny sacks
And smiled from opens jeeps with a flag in hand
Throwing stickers to the crowds

But that chubby little cherub is long gone
And I think I’m rambling
I think I’ve gone off track
I think we all have…


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