Nice Weather for Ducks – Live at Lodhi Garden Restaurant

So I recently went to a gig by a friend’s band – Jester - where the opening act was a college band called ‘Nice Weather for Ducks‘, though they really could have fooled me. For a college outfit they have a really tight sound and their vocalist has some pretty decent chops. So I didn’t miss the chance to catch them again at Lodhi Garden Restaurant on Saturday, the 26th of August.

Though their set was short, it was entertaining. They played well and, all-in-all, the crowd, a majority of which was not there to listen to any live music, self-composed or otherwise, gave them a pretty decent ovation. In my opinion, if this was a TC gig, they would have walked off to a pretty decent roar.

The band bills themselves as ‘experimental’ and I suppose to some extent they are – they have elements of fusion, a little punk-ishness and some old school alternative vibes – though they wouldn’t match what most of us, or I at least, would think of when envisioning experimental rock. But this is not a bad thing.

If you haven’t heard them yet I suggest you check them out – Nice Weather for Ducks – I hear their EP is dropping soon!

More Glass Painting

So following my (somewhat) successful attempt with Edvard Munch’s “Scream” I decided to keep going with my little hobby. This time I took one of my mum’s old candle holder’s and decided to transform into somewhat a bit more exciting.

Glass Painting - Candle Holder - Step 1

So I decided to go with this funky mosaic pattern for this piece. I started out by taking a marker and randomly drawing squiggly segments all over the piece. This shouldn’t take you too long. Making the segments smaller will mean a little bit more work later and but it gives it much nicer look.

Glass Painting - Candle Holder - Step 2

Next Step is to take the Glass Liner and carefully trace over your pattern. This took me a fair bit as I had to regularly stop because my hand kept cramping up. Don’t forget to do a line across the edges of the glass (in this instance the mouth and the opening of the neck) so that the paint doesn’t drip when you’re doing those sections later.

Glass Painting - Candle Holder - Step 3

Step Three – Now its finally starting to look pretty! Start filling in the segments with the color or colors of your choosing. I used water based glass paints by Camel for this particular project. And I decided to go with one color across the piece, but you may want to mix it up a bit. If you work with water based paints though, remember to mix them as you paint/before you drop them onto the glass, for the best look.

Glass Painting - Candle Holder - Finished!

And here we have the final look of it. Doesn’t it look nice? It took a damn while I’ll tell you. While the curves of the glass give it a nice look, they are a pain to fill in because you have to wait before each bit dries, angling it so it doesn’t drip or run.

But in the end, it was worth it! I can’t wait to start my next project – Stained Glass Deadpool!

Midnight Screams


So amidst the madness of moving house and the sheer frustration of having no wifi (thank god for my iPhone!), I had a particularly mad bout of insomnia. But all was not lost on this listless night and I was hit by the urge to do something productive.

Now how exactly does one be productive in the middle of the night without internet access? Cue shuffling through some boxes and finding my old glass paints and a near blank canvass to work on (admittedly I had done most of the lining for this particular piece years ago and then forgotten about it). So many hours and a sore back (and butt) later I have my own little version of one my favourite works of art – Edvard Munch’s “The Scream”. While I won’t get into why I particularly adore this piece, suffice to say it’s flowing colours and fluid strokes just made it perfect for a glass painting.

Hopefully this is only the first of more to come (otherwise all the fresh supplies I just went out and bought were a waste!).

The Last Verse – Day XXX – NaPoWriMo 2014

Well here it is
Our last hurrah
We’ve done so much
We’ve come so far

Through tears and triumphs
And alliteration of course
Some words did flow
And some were forced

There were bright days
Though some were cloudy
Some words were whispered
Some words shouted loudly

Some mirth, some macabre
To new friends and old
Were dedicated the verses
And the stories told

Some, I will, someday
Reminisce over with pride
And some, I’ll probably,
Wish I could hide

But each shall remain
With me through my ways
As proof that I lasted
All 30 days

Writing till the point
That I thought I would burst
I just thank god
There’s no April 31st

And with that dear reader
Ends this year’s story
How quickly it passed
Through failure and glory

Till next year
When we shall take again
The NaPoWriMo challenge
Good travels my friends

No Reason – Day XXIX – NaPoWriMo 2014

One by one they fell
As the wind struck its death knell
Men of honor and pride
Their sabers by their side

As each did breathe their last
As each’s time did pass
The grass was painted crimson
As each escaped their flesh toned prison

In an instant high above
Past both hate or love
Seeing as if in a dream
The world they once did teem

And knew none which or why
Side they took in this lie
This pointless endeavor
To divide, to sever

For now they were no colors
No us, no others
There was but the light
And no longer reason to fight

Not Connected (A Short Poem) – Day XXVIII – NaPoWriMo

No matter how much I try-ay

It’s hard to get by-ay

It’s make me want to cry-ay

There just is no Wi-Fi

A Few Friends – Day XXVII – NaPoWriMo 2014

I don’t need a lot of friends
I just need a few

One who always has my back
One who always cuts me some slack
One who tries to flatter me
One who knows exactly how I feel

One who likes to chill
One to take care of me when I’m ill
One who takes trips along side
One to check me, when I’m full of pride

One to sit and debate
One to help make laugh and elate
One whose shoulder I can cry upon
One who stays up, talking till the dawn

Now many of these things
More than one can do
So I don’t need a lot of friends
I just need a few

A Body At Rest – Day XXVI – NaPoWriMo 2014

Great slumber
The peace and quiet of infinite darkness

To sleep
To dream perchance
Possibly never to waken
Not caring

Letting slip the fatigue and fear of far away
Seeing the beauty of a noon sun
Feeling the sweet embrace of nothing

To rest
Ah to sleep

Noddy & Jet – Day XXV – NaPoWriMo 2014

There once was a squirrel named noddy
Who had a teeny tiny body
He wasn’t a threat
To anyone he met
Though his manners were a bit shoddy

Noddy didn’t have many friends
But one day that misery did end
For he met
A sparrow named jet
And their days from then did blend

The pair had a favourite spot
To chill when it was hot
In a tree by the river
A real shade giver
There they’d sit and smoke pot

Having smoked they would sit and laugh
And they’d stuff their faces till they near barfed
Till one day this man
In a big metal can
Came and cut their dear tree in half

Now this made the two quite sad
They thought of all the good times they’d had
In that tree in the shade
The home they had made
And then they got a little mad

So noddy and jet hatched a scheme
To get back at this man most mean
They set his house on fire
And sat on a wire
Laughing as he did burn and scream

Now when this story in motion I did set
This way it would go, you wouldn’t bet
But take this lesson to heart
Before we part
Don’t f*ck with noddy and jet

Polling Day – Day XXIV – NaPoWriMo 2014

Well here we are
The final stretch
Here we are
Nervous wrecks

No time to rest
On our laurels or asses
Time to comfort, support
And cajole the masses

One says it goes well
One says it’s all lost
One says he can steal it
If we pay the cost

We’ll leave it all
On the field of battle
The stress, the anguish
The fear, the hassle

Not that it ends there
No not by a mile
But at least we’ll sleep
If but for a while

I sit here and pray
For the soldiers that roam
Let them prove worthy
And safely come home

For we fight not to win
We fight for our peers
We fight to dispel
The hatred and fear

Every soul we can save
Is a victory in the end
That’s the message
We must send

If we do this much
Then as long as we stay
Then we are victors
We are victors this day