GloPoWriMo: Day XXIII: The Alpha and the Omega

I’m not usually for too many rules of form when I write. So I generally gravitate towards simple rhyme schemes, or the one-off free form, when I am randomly inspired to pen something. This is why the NaPoWriMo prompts can often offer interesting opportunities to try something new.

Today that something new is the ‘Double Elevenie’ (which in my head for some reason just kept summoning David Tennant’s “Alonsie”). Certainly a very structured style of poetry, I’m not sure the Elevenie or its Twin would be for me, but it was an interesting experiment…

Making worlds
Upon blank surface
Moving swiftly, building freely

Starting wars
In hateful hands
Cutting down, slicing through


GloPoWriMo: Day XXII: Mars or Bust

Amonst conversations in the last few days about “the Singularity”, human colonisation of other planets and the changing state of world politics, today’s NaPoWriMo prompt takes me to another world… Today I was inspired, funnily enough in the spirit of Earth Day, to write a Georgic with a twist…

Look at this land before you
Untouched by the blemishes of the last
So listen to my words
And repeat not errs of the past

First look upon this dirt
It is less moist and far redder
It may not have the brown and green of your home
But in time it will get better

Begin first by preparing the ground
Remove the thorns and old dead roots
That fall in the way of planting
The seeds of future fruit

Plant them free and loose and wild
Though it may seem counter-productive
Don’t bind your growth by straight lines
Or boundaries most reductive

Next you will need to nurture
Feed and water growing progeny
Yes sometimes this means dealing with shit
But that’s a part of this new phylogeny

The last step now is to be patient
Clip and stem and re-pot where you must
And soon you’ll see a familiar life
Where now stands just death and dust

When finally comes your harvest
Be kind and share with your brother
You’ve gotten a second chance here
You will get not another

When your fields are standing fallow
Envy not another’s reaping
If you burn another’s stocks in fear
You’ll both be left weeping

The only thing left to say then
Is see para 2-6 and repeat
Growing life is as simple as just that
As the red dirt beneath your feet

GloPoWriMo: Day XXI: A Hyphen Is Not A Word

Today NaPoWriMo‘s prompt is to use overheard speech as a springboard for a poem… Sadly I’ve “overheard” nothing particularly inspiring or unique or funny enough to even catch my attention, let alone base a poem on…

So instead I’m borrowing a few words from the mouth of an Hon’ble Justice of the Delhi High Court to start off today’s challenge entry. Let’s see where it takes us…

A hyphen is not a word
Said the judge in her garbs
Nor a semi-colon nor a comma
Fell her jesty little barbs

I bow to your honour
Said the counsel standing shrugged
He feigned polite amusement
But you could tell he was bugged

Well that was rather funny
Thought the sat opposition
Leaning back with a smile
Feeling successful in his mission

Congratulations to us
Said the juniors on the docket
Not a bad way to start the day
A little win in their pockets

In this prolonged legal battle
There would be other fights
But today they were happy
And toasts would be raised tonight

GloPoWriMo: Day XX: Pawn Takes King

Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt encourages participants to incorporate the vocabulary and imagery of a sport. So I hope you enjoy this hastily penned piece attempting to put a gothically romantic twist on the sport most readily analogous to life…

They called him the Music Man
A nom de plume well met
His entire body dripped with soul
Made the gents groove, the ladies wet

He may have been just a pawn in life
For the kings and the queens of the city
But this one black pawn made moves so sweet
It made the world feel less gritty

His life may have not been much
At each turn he came after the white man
But he cared nothing for all that jazz
He was happy with his axe, his girl, and his van

Now the kings and queens of the city
They cared or knew little of pawns
So when a hit needed to be taken
A random one was called on

So it was in this war
A black pawn did fall
And another pawn did shatter
At the sound of her dying call

Now love is a wonderful thing
It makes light and it gives life
But a true love snatched away
Gives a peaceful man a knife

And so a pawn did take a knight
And then a castle and a rook
While the kings and queens did gawk
He played by hook or crook

Till that fateful day when they met
A black pawn and the king he did hate
And came those fateful words
First check, and then mate

GloPoWriMo: Day XIX: Dawn of the Platypus

Wouldn’t it be fun to reimagine creation itself? If my effort on today NaPoWriMo prompt is any indication, it certainly would be ­čśŁ

This is a tale
Of many years past
Lost to time and dust and myth
Of three that came
Fused in one
And a history that was writ

One walked the land
One swam the sea
And a third of the open air
One day were met
On a river’s edge
To seek the heavens in prayer

Finding no sign
Of any higher being
They each turned and blamed another
For standing in the way
Of their absolution
And brother did turn on brother

The ground shook
The waters boiled
And the storm clouds did gather grey
Each beast did charge
With blinding rage
into the tripartite fray

At the very moment
When the clash did break
And each swung its claw or wing
A lighting bolt
A heavenly stroke
Did strike like a blinding sting

If you cannot live
In peace together
Bellowed a booming voice
Then you’ll never live
Apart again
That is my final choice

And as the voice echoed
Each beast was ripped apart
And a new thing was made from their features
And so was born
The Platypus
That funny semi-aquatic creature

GloPoWriMo: Day XVIII: Neorhythms

Today NaPoWriMo prompts us to use a few neologisms – briefly, make up some words! So bucklace yourself… something silly this way comes…

What is the sound of laughter
Is a ha ha or guffaw?
Or can it go hee hee
Or hauwa hauwa hauwa

What is the sound of sadness?
A dreary sigh or a puny sssnph
A heavy waaa-aaa-aaah
Or a deep and evil ssssssss

What is the sound of a soul that shatters
Does it go crash or bang?
Or more like a quiet tissshhh
Or kraka-karish-karang

What is the sound of a heart made light?
Is it a mmmm or a phew
The sounds of just nothing
Or a thumpity-thump, tha-pew

What it the sound of creation?
Aha! or Oho! or Yes!
I have it! Or Eureka!
Or a resounding, ba-dum-tsh!

What is the sound of someone making something up?
Is it a poem just like this
With made up words and funny sounds
And an unoriginal ending… ba-dum-tish!

GloPoWriMo: Day XV: T-Junction

Alright readers! We are half way through this arduous yet entertaining challenge and quite appropriately today NaPoWriMo prompt is about being just that… being “in between”… (shout out to good ol’ Bobby Frost for sort of getting us started today)

Two roads diverged at an intersection
And I was trapped in between

I simply stood and looked both ways
Fear and angst unbridled
For while my mind did wander
My car did stood idled

To my left I saw steel and glass and smoke
And safety and that which I knew
No potholes or speed bumps per say
And toll booths, very few

To my right there were rainbows and butterflies
But on the horizon dark storm clouds
The road was often unpaved and uneven
And I saw many seeds of doubt

Two roads diverged at an intersection
And I was trapped in between

And as the moments flew by
Began the honks from the back
For life can move in only one direction
And my rear view mirror was cracked

GloPoWriMo: Day XVII: Nocturne

Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt is to pen a Nocturne – a composition capturing or set to the spirit of the night, usually set to piano music – but as a poem. so if you fall asleep reading this dear readers, I suppose I’ll take it as a compliment : D

As an added element I suggest you put on your favourite nocturne, settle in, and then read on. NaPoWriMo suggests Chopin’s Op. 9 No. 2. Or you could listen to what I had playing in my head as I was writing – Brahm’s Lullaby.

Like a grain of salt in the sea

A speck of sand in a desert breeze

What am I, What can I be?

I am you and you are me

I exist, still I seize

From these I am free

GloPoWriMo: Day XVI: Dear Jane

It’s a lazy Sunday. Emphasis on lazy. So I apologise to you, dear reader, for being fairly lazy about today’s poem.

Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt was to write a poem in the style of a letter. This reminded me of a song that I attempted to write many (many) years ago… imagining┬áthe other side of a “Dear John” letter. So in an effort to expend the least effort ; p and also give an old verse new life, here is “Dear Jane“…

Dear Jane
I got your letter
And I’m writing back
Now that I feel better
How can you say that we are through

I know
We’ve got our problems
But if we try
I know we can solve them
Won’t you just tell me what to do

And I promise Jane
There’ll be no more pain
Please don’t shut your front door

Just give me one more chance
Believe in our romance
Just one more dance on the dance floor

Dear Jane
Please read this letter
Things are bad
But they will get better
On the breaking of that golden dawn

Soon now
The fight will be over
And I’ll be back
Holding crimson clovers
Just hold on dear Jane, love John


GloPoWriMo: Day XIV: Edmund the Saint

Okay keeping it short and light today with NaPoWriMo‘s prompt – a Clerihew

And a shout out to fellow Teddies out there. This one’s for the Hall (hope you can forgive me ; p)

Edmund the Saint
So great he ain’t
He picked his nose and ate the boogers
Told his mum, “tastes like Sugar”