GloPoWriMo: Day XVI: Dear Jane

It’s a lazy Sunday. Emphasis on lazy. So I apologise to you, dear reader, for being fairly lazy about today’s poem.

Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt was to write a poem in the style of a letter. This reminded me of a song that I attempted to write many (many) years ago… imagining the other side of a “Dear John” letter. So in an effort to expend the least effort ; p and also give an old verse new life, here is “Dear Jane“…

Dear Jane
I got your letter
And I’m writing back
Now that I feel better
How can you say that we are through

I know
We’ve got our problems
But if we try
I know we can solve them
Won’t you just tell me what to do

And I promise Jane
There’ll be no more pain
Please don’t shut your front door

Just give me one more chance
Believe in our romance
Just one more dance on the dance floor

Dear Jane
Please read this letter
Things are bad
But they will get better
On the breaking of that golden dawn

Soon now
The fight will be over
And I’ll be back
Holding crimson clovers
Just hold on dear Jane, love John


GloPoWriMo: Day XIV: Edmund the Saint

Okay keeping it short and light today with NaPoWriMo‘s prompt – a Clerihew

And a shout out to fellow Teddies out there. This one’s for the Hall (hope you can forgive me ; p)

Edmund the Saint
So great he ain’t
He picked his nose and ate the boogers
Told his mum, “tastes like Sugar”

GloPoWriMo: Day XIII: Half-Baked Haiku

It seems that today the NaPoWriMo prompt is running late (or at least it was when I started writing this post). So for today I’m going to just try to write a short series of Haiku inspired by that which you would least likely expect to inspire… boredom…

The clock ticks slowly
Somewhere a man is sleeping
Sadly it’s not me


Buried under paper
Marked in black and white and red
When will it be six?


My fingers are pink
Are they too pink do you think?
Sigh. Back to work now


Could I have done more?
Could I have brought about change?
Should I have bunked work?


No prompt today
I am sans inspiration
These poems are not good


Theres so much waiting
And often it is for naught
But always waiting


Today the words won’t
Flow from my fingertips like
They normally do


If you’re reading this
You should get back to work and
I guess so should I


GloPoWriMo: Day XII: Messrs Music Men

Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt encourages one of my favourite literary devices – alliteration! Call me a crazed cuckoo, but I rather revel in the repetitious written word. Certainly a fun one to write, I hope you also enjoy reading… the story of how a dynamic-less duo once came to be…

On a stormy but silent saturday
A tenacious twosome sat
One pouring potent potables
One bopping a box with a bat

Till something softly struck the second
The inkling of the incidentally inspired
He gently grabbed a guitar and strummed
The first then found an inner fire

As the metal strings made merry music
Words welled up and were welcomed forth
Melody found lines, and music lyric
And one being was born, from what two had brought

Something sweet and surreal was sired
Heard and hummed happily by a few since then
The progeny of a pair of prodigious pals
So came to be the Messrs Music Men


GloPoWriMo: Day XI: How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria?

A challenging and interesting prompt from NaPoWriMo today – to write a ‘Bop’.

While I’ve heard of Bops I’ve never actually experienced one, so I may be way off with this (particulary its written to a rhythm heard only in my head)… but here goes nothing…

Her crazy eyes and crazier demeanor
Hide a funny, querky, simple girl
She dances like there’s no one ever watching
Though secretly she’s scared of the world
You wont keep up if you ever tried to
But if you’re brave go give it a whirl

Oh how do you solve a problem like Maria
That girl is as wild as they come
How do you solve a problem like Maria
As free as the ever setting sun

Now here’s the real problem with Maria
She’s ever so present and kind
The very real problem with Maria
Is that I really really want to make her mine
A simple fool of 20 and a few years
I never ever did think I had a shot
To find a girl as wonderful and daring
But if she’s the net then I am surely caught

Oh how do you solve a problem like Maria
That girl is as wild as they come
How do you solve a problem like Maria
As free as the ever setting sun

Now if you’re actually interested in this story
I’ll tell you the most surprising part
This simple, querky, funny girl Maria
Seems she also liked me from the start
So maybe I should give up solving problems
And for once just listen to my heart

Oh, you dont solve a problem like Maria
That girl who is as wild as they come
I think I like this problem called Maria
Beautiful as the setting sun

GloPoWriMo: Day X: A Portrait From Memory

Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt is to write a portrait… Now there’s an interesting concept… Question is, whose portrait will it be? Will he or she or they recognise themselves? Will I?

(P.S. Apologies/thanks to NaPoWriMo and Theodore Roethke for quite blatantly ripping off… errr I mean, “being inspired” for today’s poem’s title…)

I knew a girl
Her hair was hazel in the sun
She hid her face
Behind glass and insecurity
But she was beautiful
Even more so because she refused to accept that she was

I knew a girl
Her eyes like two sapphires
Not in colour
But in spirit and vibrancy
For when they looked upon me
I almost felt my self to be something precious

I knew a girl
Her smile like a spring breeze
Breathing life and love
Into a heavy heart
Opening it to forgotten joys
Making it light, even if not forever so

I knew a girl
Of pure alabaster
Her perfect skin
Made more perfect by her scars
Which made her strong
Stronger than she could realise or I could explain

I knew a girl

Now I know a portrait left behind

 GloPoWriMo: Day IX: ‘9’

Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt-ed poem goes out to a special fraulein out there. You broke my heart. But I’ll always love you : )

Will you be my eternal love
Will you keep my heart safely
Will you always make it all fine
Will you wake up next to me
Will you always be truthful
Will you hold your self against mine
Will you hold my hand
Will you let me love you forever
She just smiled and she said nein

The Raven Calls 4 Times

This poem is inspired by a perhaps lesser known poem by one of my favourite poets – the dark lord Poe himself. In his spirit I combined an homage to my favourite Poe imagery with a chant/sound that a few in the know might recognise… Let’s see if you’re one of them…

Knock-Knock, Knock-knock
Went the front door
Knock-Knock, Knock-knock
Went it some more

Ring-Ring, Ring-Ring
They’d found the damn bell
Ring-Ring, Ring-Ring
This day from hell!

Thud-Thud, Thud-Thud
As he stomped down the stairs
Thud-Thud, Thud-Thud
Eyes crusty, feet bare

Tap-Tap, Tap-Tap
Nails clicking on wood
Tap-Tap, Tap-Tap
A vision in red stood

Click-Click, Click-Click
As he undid his locks
Click-Click, Click-Click
Of which there were lots

Pat-Pat, Pat-Pat
On backs as they embraced
Pat-Pat, Pat-Pat
A handkerchief dabbed her face

Clang-Clang, Clang-Clang
Went the Grandfather he’d bought
Clang-Clang, Clang-Clang
It was earlier than he’d thought

Bang-Bang, Bang-Bang
Before a word could be said
Bang-Bang, Bang-Bang
And then he lay dead

GloPoWriMo: Day VIII: Buried Treasure

Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt was quite the interesting one. And while I didn’t really follow the “instructions” that well, this certainly was one of the more fun narrative poems to come out of it. So here goes… Something unlucky this way comes…

Walking down the street Ben couldn’t help but grumble
Two flat tires and a broken jack
He kicked a small pebble to the side and he mumbled
The boss was gonna give him flack

The pebble bounced out of sight with a “ting”
Which was an unexpected sound
Because pebbles don’t “ting” unless they hit metal
So he couldn’t help but look around

As he looked a stray sunbeam hit his eyes
But not from above in the sky
It was bouncing off something somewhat buried
Almost missed as he passed by

Finding himself interested he reached to see what it was
And as he approached he shook
For though it was something unseen many years
It was as apparent as the cover of a book

A scratched up old coin lay covered in mud
Bearing the initials BB
A two headed coin of gilded bronze that
From the ground he wrestled free

He rubbed off the dirt and blades of grass
And a tear escaped his eye
For on this day that started oh so unlucky
He found a charm of years gone by

Decades ago from his father’s pocket
A lucky coin did drop
They had searched for hours upon hours
But the search had been a flop

He couldn’t say if it was the coin or just life
That had turned his father that day
For the old man was never quite the same once Ben grew
Never looked at him the same way

Not 3 years from that fateful day in the park
And this may sound quite jaded
His father left him, not because he was a fool or a coward
But because his love in time had faded

Sitting there now upon a fence post crying
At 10 am and a half
The many voice mails from his boss pinging his phone
Ben began to laugh

Just my luck he said to himself
Wiping away the last tear
He turned to head back to his home
And the woman he loved dear

Any other day he may have driven
Or simply walked by fast
And never again seen that blasted coin
Or think of a bittersweet past

Crossing the street he was almost struck by a truck
But saved, distracted by a dog most plucky
And instinctively his hand went to his pocket
And he thought, Wow! That was lucky!

GloPoWriMo: Day VII: The Many Reflections of “Us”

What are we, you and I?
After all we do and say
Together and apart
Let me count the ways

Strangers once
From different worlds
Brought together by chance

Acquaintances too
Who exchanged pleasantries
And the occasional furtive glance

Friends at last
Though longing more
Open with heart and soul

Lovers at last
After many moons
Two that became one whole

Friends again
Being pulled apart
By impending separation

Acquaintances at best
Losing touch
With that long lost elation

Strangers in the end
From what was once so key

What are we, you and I?
And what will we be?