I’ve Got This Friend – Day IV – NaPoWriMo 2014

I’ve got this friend
Loyal and true
He bullshits with the best
But always come through

He never asks anything
But gives all he can
He’s a good friend
He’s a good man

Don’t get me wrong here
I know he is no saint
I’ve heard stories of exploits
That would make some faint

But he stands by my side
When I need him most
He’s a good man
He’s a saccha dost

He’ll say it never to my face
That I’m not nearly as good a friend
But I’ll make this vow now
Before this poem ends

I’ll do better by him
Like he always does by me
I’ll not set him aside
Or tell him, leave me be

I’ve been rather selfish
Given far less than I take
But it’s time to change my attitude
For a good friend’s sake