GloPoWriMo 2018: Day XXVII: The Mighty Chariot

Today NaPoWriMo asks us to look for inspiration in The Tarot. Now most of us have seen some manifestation of this – in a movie or TV show – but I have to admit I certainly did not actually know much about it. So I spent some time looking through the resource linked by NaPoWriMo – Arthur Edward Waite’s Pictorial Key to the Tarot. While learning more about it has had no impact on the extent to which I believe in say, divination or mysticism, it certainly is interesting to see the philosophy behind this school of thought.

And now for today’s poem, inspired by the major arcana symbol of The Chariot (a nicer version of the pic here)

I am gold and silver shining
I am the light cutting through the dark
Mine is victory over all planes
I bring forth the vision and the spark

On my shoulders the divine
Upon my head eternal crown
Champion over manifest destinies
Answered the riddle of renown

The infernal beasts pull my way
For none can halt my path
I am master of mind and body
None without may stand my wrath

Behold my golden visage
Awe in shining light
I am the prince of princes
I am mind and I am the might