Doctor Who – The Good, The Bad and The Timey-Wimey

I first got into Doctor Who in 2006-07 when BBC Entertainment brought to the eyes of the budding viewers in India a strange leather clad adventurer with a blue box. Almost immediately I was captured by Christopher Eccleston’s portrayal of what would become one of my most beloved characters of all time (pun intended!) – a manic and excitable genius, who seemed to also be hiding a darker side. While I had to bid goodbye to my first Doctor all too soon, with Eccleston only getting the one season (the second shortest reign of any Doctor), I shall never forget what he awakened in me – a great love for all things Who and a slight man-crush on his successor David Tennant.

Let me stop myself there. I seem to have started on a line of thought that could go on forever (or at least roughly 1304 years, if you get my drift.) Let’s get to what we’re here to talk about – the 50th Anniversary. But before you read on, let me warn you… Spoilers sweety! (I really hope you read that to yourself in the voice of River Song, otherwise it was just creepy!)

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The Sunday Poll – Who’s Your No. 1 Doctor?

There have been many men who have played the immortal role of The Doctor – the Eleven beloved faces who have played the role in the two series and the lesser known who played the Gallifrrayen in his non-canon appearances. But every Whovian has one image that stands above the rest – Though he is man who has had many faces, who is the real Doctor to you?

And if you can’t decide on one, vote as many times as you like – After all, the show got two different series, surely you should get more than one vote ; )

8 Shows That Ended Too Soon

Isn’t it just the most frustrating thing in the world to watch a TV show, follow it, become invested in the storyline, start to like/identify with the characters, only to have it cancelled before it can play out its time and leave you with some feeling of closure?! Time and again I have had my heart-broken to find out that a show that I totally got hooked on just wasn’t going to get another season. And I know studios have their reasons – low ratings, strong competition, budgets – blah! blah! blah! Sometimes I wish I was Peter from the episode of Family Guy where he steals like a 100 “Neilson boxes” so he can influence the ratings and get whatever he wants on the air!

Here’s my list of shows that I wish the studios had a little more faith in or where the creators had fought just a little bit harder to keep in on the air or where airheads who get shows like “The Jersey Shore” to go on for 6 seasons  (Yeah 6! How is that possible!!!) would have watched something with a plot instead of sitting on the couch literally getter dumber:

  1. Firefly: On the top of my, and I am sure thousands of others’, list of shows that needed to go on is the Futuristic Western Firefly. This show had an amazing cast, was immensely imaginative and to this day, despite only airing 14 episodes has a huge following that has made the thing of geek legend. Studios even attempted to give fans closure by making a movie – “Serenity” – which was pretty good, but had nothing on the show! Side Note: I watched the movie years before I knew about the TV show – have to thank my good friend Akshay for getting me onto it.
  2. Flame of Recca: Psychic weapons, Ninjas and Fire Dragons – what’s not to like! Though not strictly cancelled, the Flame of Recca definitely ended too soon. There were dozens of holes in the story that needed to be plugged and the show could have easily pulled off another season! Side Note – Also has a great opening theme (don’t understand a single word of it though). Plus, hands down my favorite Anime of all time.
  3. The Adventures of Brisco County Jr: Okay if I tried to describe the plot of this show to you, you’d probably say “Of course it got cancelled”. But despite how silly the overall storyline sort of was, the show itself was awesome! Set back in the ol’ west but with constant references to contemporary culture and jokes that sort of take the piss of themselves. And of course the brilliant Bruce Campbell as the star. Side Note: How many of you realized that the king of B-Horror Movies was also the hilarious Autolycus from Xena: Warrior Princess?
  4. My Name is Earl: I loved this show! It was awesome. So many funny stars and interesting characters. How could they cancel it?! Side Note: Practically everyone form the show is on the new hit Raising Hope – and they make quite a few allusions to My Name is Earl
  5. John Doe: An interesting show about a man who knows everything, except who he is and where he comes from. I really liked the lead actor, Dominic Purcell, and was so super disappointed  when the show didn’t get picked up for another season, especially after the first one ended on such an unbelievably shocking moment of betrayal! Side Note: Episode 14 was one of the rare instances in my adult life where a TV show has actually made me well up.
  6. Now and Again: A fat John Goodman, down on his luck dies in a tragic accident and has his brain transplanted into a genetically enhanced super-human. Sounds ridiculous I know but the show was awesome and Dennis Haysbert, famous for playing the Black President on 24, was pretty good on the show. Side Note – Really catchy opening theme.
  7. Arrested Development: Hands down one of the funniest shows in recent history – great writing, brilliant cast – so why did it only run for 3 seasons! I mean come on, Family Guy is now on Season 11 and that’s only ONE of Seth McFarlane’s shows. Rumours have been around for the last two years that there will be a movie – though I haven’t heard of any recent developments. Side Note: Jason Bateman is simply superb at his uncomfortable cynical form of humor, but in my opinion he’s so much better on TV than on the big screen.

And the last one… No. 8 – Community – Yes, I know the new season just started, but it really feels like its going to be the last one. Lets face it, without Dan Harmon will this show really be able to live up to the reputation that they’ve built for themselves? There were rumors that Chevy Chase was off the show, but it seems he’s staying on, for this latest season at least – What is up with his character though? Last season he became like a less funny, more sad, really old version of Charlie Sheen. Sigh. I used to love this guy – from Update to Fletch. What happened to you Chevy?