GloPoWriMo: Day XV: T-Junction

Alright readers! We are half way through this arduous yet entertaining challenge and quite appropriately today NaPoWriMo prompt is about being just that… being “in between”… (shout out to good ol’ Bobby Frost for sort of getting us started today)

Two roads diverged at an intersection
And I was trapped in between

I simply stood and looked both ways
Fear and angst unbridled
For while my mind did wander
My car did stood idled

To my left I saw steel and glass and smoke
And safety and that which I knew
No potholes or speed bumps per say
And toll booths, very few

To my right there were rainbows and butterflies
But on the horizon dark storm clouds
The road was often unpaved and uneven
And I saw many seeds of doubt

Two roads diverged at an intersection
And I was trapped in between

And as the moments flew by
Began the honks from the back
For life can move in only one direction
And my rear view mirror was cracked



Two worlds
To each its own virtue
It’s each its vice
Distinguished yet equal

Old memories
On foreign faces
Pulled in two directions
Stuck in the middle

Running for so long
No longer sure
What I’m running from
Or to

I hover in the void
In the spaces between the worlds
Life frozen around me
Though time marches on

Looking down on my existence
As if from another plain
High above
Unable to reach me

Once there were tethers
Golden chains binding me to one plane
Or the other
But the tethers have frayed

Now I sway in the breeze
Tempted by shiny things on the ground
Shiny fleeting things
That cannot hold me

Without drive

So high
So frighteningly high

Don’t let me fall