Booth 51

Fantastic beasts glide by me
With feathered wings or devilled horns
And passerby they marvel
And carve images a they fawn

All the while I am stationed
Do your duty, man your post
Be ever the friendly face
When you give, give the most

Most just pass and stare
The glint of idols in their eyes
Some do stop to probe and poke
But most they do not buy

It’s my soul that I attempt to sell them
With each unit, a small piece
Counting down the hours
Till their charade does finally cease

For those who do take a piece away
I thank you for your kindness
And to those who will not even try
I spite you for your blindness

In the end I will pick up the pieces
Of my heart, my spirit, my soul
And pack them up to take them home
Where sleep may make them whole

And there they’ll lie till the next time
The next time we play this game
Where things are every changing
Yet ever stay the same

But I am yet resolute
Though my strength and patience may diminish
I know the path is long
And I know I may not finish

But I do this not just for me
I do it for many others
And in that fight I do not fight alone
I stand with my band of brothers

So for them and for their struggle
I stand and call to thee
For though this world is harsh
We know what it can yet be


Once More

Once more they rode
Through gaping maw
Strapped but with their wits and everlasting souls

Knowing they would returned changed
Some chipped, some halved
None whole

Each man stood
In his fate alone
As they strode on together

Some stiffening recalcitrant lips
Some quiet
Some hoping for better weather

The church bells rang
Staffs were gripped
As nerves and strengths were beckoned

This is your chance
Each soldier thought
You’ll receive no second

March on forward to your fate
First the left foot
Then the right

Now there is no retreat
Now we march
Now we fight

Once more once more
The general cried
Soon promised lands we’ll reach

Once more young warrior poet
Once more
Unto the breach