Once More

Once more they rode
Through gaping maw
Strapped but with their wits and everlasting souls

Knowing they would returned changed
Some chipped, some halved
None whole

Each man stood
In his fate alone
As they strode on together

Some stiffening recalcitrant lips
Some quiet
Some hoping for better weather

The church bells rang
Staffs were gripped
As nerves and strengths were beckoned

This is your chance
Each soldier thought
You’ll receive no second

March on forward to your fate
First the left foot
Then the right

Now there is no retreat
Now we march
Now we fight

Once more once more
The general cried
Soon promised lands we’ll reach

Once more young warrior poet
Once more
Unto the breach


Polling Day – Day XXIV – NaPoWriMo 2014

Well here we are
The final stretch
Here we are
Nervous wrecks

No time to rest
On our laurels or asses
Time to comfort, support
And cajole the masses

One says it goes well
One says it’s all lost
One says he can steal it
If we pay the cost

We’ll leave it all
On the field of battle
The stress, the anguish
The fear, the hassle

Not that it ends there
No not by a mile
But at least we’ll sleep
If but for a while

I sit here and pray
For the soldiers that roam
Let them prove worthy
And safely come home

For we fight not to win
We fight for our peers
We fight to dispel
The hatred and fear

Every soul we can save
Is a victory in the end
That’s the message
We must send

If we do this much
Then as long as we stay
Then we are victors
We are victors this day

Soldiers – Day XX – NaPoWriMo 2014

Forward we march
Through shit and mud and sludge
Standing strong in the wind
Refusing to budge

We wave our flag high
With vim and vigour and pride
Let them stare, let them pry
We’ve nothing to hide

We’ll tackle every obstacle
Climb the mountains high
For ours is not to question
Ours is to do and die

Forward, always forward
Never waver nor stray
Forward, always forward
No matter what may

Our orders we take
And we follow them with love
We tow the line and listen
To every word from above

For we are soldiers
My few men and I
And ours is not to question
Ours is but to do and die

We merry few, we men of youth
We stomp and stir and storm
With nothing but out ideals
To keep us dry and warm

Through gale storms and pouring rain
Onwards we go
Always to our goals
Always so

We’ll do it till it’s done
And the end it seems is nigh
Oh ours is not to question
Ours is but to do and die

(Inspired, in spirit, by “The Charge of the Light Brigade” by Alfred Lord Tennyson)