The Last Verse – Day XXX – NaPoWriMo 2014

Well here it is
Our last hurrah
We’ve done so much
We’ve come so far

Through tears and triumphs
And alliteration of course
Some words did flow
And some were forced

There were bright days
Though some were cloudy
Some words were whispered
Some words shouted loudly

Some mirth, some macabre
To new friends and old
Were dedicated the verses
And the stories told

Some, I will, someday
Reminisce over with pride
And some, I’ll probably,
Wish I could hide

But each shall remain
With me through my ways
As proof that I lasted
All 30 days

Writing till the point
That I thought I would burst
I just thank god
There’s no April 31st

And with that dear reader
Ends this year’s story
How quickly it passed
Through failure and glory

Till next year
When we shall take again
The NaPoWriMo challenge
Good travels my friends