GloPoWriMo 2018: Day XXIV: On the Death of Lazarus

Today NaPoWriMo challenges us to write an Elegy – a poem typically in remembrance of someone who has left this mortal veil, except with a tone of hopefulness. That’s an innately beautiful thought, and one that might even be hardcoded into the human animal – the thought of bright lights, of a place beyond the darkness. And whether its real or not, it’s a nice thought. And there are fewer of those in the world than there should be.

As for my poem today… well, there are many kinds of death… and many kind of hope…

Goodnight sweet prince
You wonderfully naive soul
Farewell to your brave heart
That once made mine whole

I can fondly remember
The stupid smile on your silly face
I’ll never forget
What you’ve tried so to erase

They say fools rush in
And you were never any exception
Deceit and subterfuge and betrayal
Were always beyond your perception

You lived a dozen lifetimes
So often died and resurrected
But this too did pass
And in the end each is bested

I feel you less and less now
With each passing day and year
Not gone, not entirely
But not as quite here

Your trials taught me well
And though I am not man you were
I will try to honour your lives
Your lessons I will not spur

Forgive me if I falter
If I cannot open my heart as you did
I am scared where you were not
My spring not undiluted

Lazarus you were the best of us
And now gone you are missed
Your shadow hangs over me
Your spirit not yet dismissed

Goodbye is not forever
Though I do not know, I have faith
One day we’ll see each other again
Whether mortal flesh or ethereal wraith

Goodnight sweet prince
Farewell my friend
And may we never say goodbye
If you ever rise again



Polling Day – Day XXIV – NaPoWriMo 2014

Well here we are
The final stretch
Here we are
Nervous wrecks

No time to rest
On our laurels or asses
Time to comfort, support
And cajole the masses

One says it goes well
One says it’s all lost
One says he can steal it
If we pay the cost

We’ll leave it all
On the field of battle
The stress, the anguish
The fear, the hassle

Not that it ends there
No not by a mile
But at least we’ll sleep
If but for a while

I sit here and pray
For the soldiers that roam
Let them prove worthy
And safely come home

For we fight not to win
We fight for our peers
We fight to dispel
The hatred and fear

Every soul we can save
Is a victory in the end
That’s the message
We must send

If we do this much
Then as long as we stay
Then we are victors
We are victors this day

NaPoWriMo – Day XV – Silence Unbreached

Thoughts of the future flow heavy upon my mind
Thoughts of the past ebb as I lay my head
I opened a door kept closed for the longest time
I walked through fearing what lay ahead

Sometimes the loudest words are unspoken
Though none may hear them but you
The gates of the dams bellowed open
But their loins spit forth not one drop of blue

In darkest night silent deeds are done
And then heads are laid upon pillow
A soldier writes home to his love
The letter lost as the wind in the willow

In receiving no missive as both dreaded and hoped
Hopes yet more silent still are fulfilled
A man stands alone, his neck in a rope
But it was his own blood that he spilled

Who was this man in another, past life
Is there any real way to know
A bud grows where manure is rife
As the sun at last through the clouds does show

This poem is written in Pantun. The pantun is a traditional Malay form, a style of which was later adapted into French and then English as the pantoum. A pantun consists of rhymed quatrains (abab), with 8-12 syllables per line.

NaPoWriMo – Day VII – A Valediction: Leaving Behind A Virtue

I still dream
Of days filled with laughter
Of stolen moments
And playing hooky

I still hope
For a life once promised
For happiness desired
And your smile

I still wish
That I was a better man than I was then
That I had been stronger
And held on

But this world is not dreams and hopes and wishes

And I can no longer wait

I do not have the patience

I must wake from dreams
To move forward
Live the life that lies ahead
And no longer look behind

I must move past hope
To build real things
Friendships and relationships
That will see me through years ahead

I must forget my wishes
And find genuine ties
Not just the ones that haunt my heart
And this time remember hold on

I must do the one thing I cannot bring myself to do

I must say goodbye

I must let you go

I think I feel better