GloPoWriMo: Day XXII: Mars or Bust

Amonst conversations in the last few days about “the Singularity”, human colonisation of other planets and the changing state of world politics, today’s NaPoWriMo prompt takes me to another world… Today I was inspired, funnily enough in the spirit of Earth Day, to write a Georgic with a twist…

Look at this land before you
Untouched by the blemishes of the last
So listen to my words
And repeat not errs of the past

First look upon this dirt
It is less moist and far redder
It may not have the brown and green of your home
But in time it will get better

Begin first by preparing the ground
Remove the thorns and old dead roots
That fall in the way of planting
The seeds of future fruit

Plant them free and loose and wild
Though it may seem counter-productive
Don’t bind your growth by straight lines
Or boundaries most reductive

Next you will need to nurture
Feed and water growing progeny
Yes sometimes this means dealing with shit
But that’s a part of this new phylogeny

The last step now is to be patient
Clip and stem and re-pot where you must
And soon you’ll see a familiar life
Where now stands just death and dust

When finally comes your harvest
Be kind and share with your brother
You’ve gotten a second chance here
You will get not another

When your fields are standing fallow
Envy not another’s reaping
If you burn another’s stocks in fear
You’ll both be left weeping

The only thing left to say then
Is see para 2-6 and repeat
Growing life is as simple as just that
As the red dirt beneath your feet