Jane, Get Me Off This Crazy Thing! – Day XXIII – NaPoWriMo 2014

Through streets of dust
And fields of green
Amidst opposition flags
And skies unseen

We travel on
Hoping against hope
To muster courage
So we can cope

There are smiles and waves
And showers of cheers
That help deflect
The few rare jeers

An innocent face smiles
And blows me a kiss
And it’s moments like that
That’s I may miss

There are grating moments too
People I can’t stand
Who push my last nerve
With their selfish demands

Can I do this or not
I don’t know, I can’t tell
I need a break
I need out of this hell

This is how it is
Stuck between two worlds
Time to get off this roller coaster
Before I go and hurl


In Two Minds – Day XI – NaPoWriMo 2014

I’m so tired
I’m done with this shit

If I’m perfectly honest
I’m enjoying this a bit

When will it be over?
When can I go home?

What an adventure!
Wonder where tomorrow I’ll roam

Too much tea
I can’t take it any more

Let’s do another day’s worth
Let’s do four!

If I hear another complaint
I think I will explode

I’m so happy to help
And lighten their load

Just grin and bear it
And soon it will done

It’s going to be brilliant
Once this race is won

Alright, enough
Now I go and hide

Open up those curtains
Let the sunshine inside

Aren’t we done yet
With all this crap

Nighty night, sweet dreams
I guess that’s a wrap

NaPoWriMo – Day VI – Sweet Dreams

I sit, transfixed
Blocked and confused
Not knowing what to write
Not knowing what to do

Thoughts betray feelings
I had tried to leave behind
Memories I had hoped
Were ushered from my mind

Dreams so pleasant
So happy and so warm
That they make me feel even worse
Once the day has dawned

I would write a hundred sonnets
Of nature’s beauty and grace
Of Trees and the Wind
If I could forget her face

I have obsessed so long
That the truth is now but a mirage
My feeling stand transformed
Hidden, even to me, ‘neath a facade

What is it to love?
Have I ever truly known?
Who have I become?
Have I really grown?

Or am I still a boy
Wanting what he has not
Crying over a toy
That some other boy got

I hope it is not so
I would wish more from me than such
I would hope to act a man
I don’t think that’s asking much

For now alas this point
Stands moot and close to chest
Till hearts at last are traded
And character put to the test

Till then I wait and ponder
Of yesteryear and year ahead
Till then I hope at least of sweet dreams
When I lay upon my bed

Can’t See Straight

My eyes can’t focus
My patience wears paper thin
And the lack of depth perception
Is really getting under my skin

Every expert disagrees
With what the last one said
All I want to do Is bash in my own head

Trying to keep calm
So much easier said than done
Sitting trying to study
In the park under the sun

I’m driving myself crazy
Hell its what I do best
“Maybe you’re going cock-eyed”
Someone said to me in jest

So much pressure, so much stress
All I want is peace of mind
Is something wrong with me?
Or am I just losing my mind?