No Reason – Day XXIX – NaPoWriMo 2014

One by one they fell
As the wind struck its death knell
Men of honor and pride
Their sabers by their side

As each did breathe their last
As each’s time did pass
The grass was painted crimson
As each escaped their flesh toned prison

In an instant high above
Past both hate or love
Seeing as if in a dream
The world they once did teem

And knew none which or why
Side they took in this lie
This pointless endeavor
To divide, to sever

For now they were no colors
No us, no others
There was but the light
And no longer reason to fight


Accident! – Day XXI – NaPoWriMo 2014

Blood pumping
Women screaming
Glass shattering

Dust flies
A baby cries
Did someone die?

Panic ensues
Blacks and blues
Did you pay your dues?

Forces rushed
Voices hushed
Metal crushed

No blood this day
We thought, no way
Did they walk away

Out they slid
The villain hid
Thank god we did