GloPoWriMo 2018: Day XXVI: Medium Rare

Today the NaPoWriMo prompt challenges us to evoke all the senses… So I immediately jumped to an experience I’m looking to replicate again very soon – one that has the potential, if done right, to bring all 5 to life…


Can you see it
Upon its ivory steed
A mix of brown and red and black
Do you see it
Does your heart begin to speed
Your lips quiver and droop and smack

Can you smell it
That intoxicating perfume
A mix of ash and meat and spice
Do you smell it
Do you nostrils begin to bloom
Does it enthrall and bewitch and entice

Can you hear it
The sizzle on your plate
A mix of singe and crackle and hiss
Can you hear it
As you receive it with all haste
Does your palate crave and reminisce

Can you feel it
As you penetrate its skin
A mix of fleshy and tender and firm
Can you feel it
Are you eager to begin
Does your mouth water and your tongue squirm

Can you taste it
As you take it in at last
A mix of fat and blood and ash
Can you taste it
This most perfect repast
With sides of gravy and chips and mash

Because I can

And it’s driving me insane

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