GloPoWriMo 2018: Day XXI: Narcissus and His Reflection

Today NaPoWriMo challenges us to be inspired by the myth of Narcissus (an interesting and somewhat morbid one if you’re inclined to read up on it). While their examples rather openly target the “cult of the celebrity”, as well as the ingrained narcissism of modern generations, I thought I might try something closer to the source.

Hello there beautiful
Where have you been all this while
I’ve searched all my life
For such a beautiful smile

Why are you so shy
Why hide in this frigid lake
Come out and take my hand
What a gorgeous pair we’ll make

Don’t you see you’ve stolen my heart
None in the land is as fair
Without you even one more moment
I do not think I could bear

I see your eyes gazing into mine
I see how they adore me
And I adore them just as much
What more sign of love could there be

You are shy, keeping me waiting
But for you I shall wait always
I’ll sit here by your side every night
On this bank I’ll spend all of my days

I am entranced, I am bewitched
I am betrothed to you and no other
Take me, heart and soul and body
Take me, as confidant, soul mate and lover

I hear them call me away
Let them beat their chests in vain
In your face I have found true love
And in your reflection I’ll forever remain



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