GloPoWriMo 2018: Day XX: Breaking Free (Form)

Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt is all about rebellion… something I’m not terribly familair with.

It’s not that I haven’t broken a rule or two in my life. I dare say I’m not really as straight laced or “white bread” as I was in my school days (man was I a teacher’s pet!) But I never really had a “rebellious phase”. I partied, stayed out late, even got inked. But my parents mostly gave me the space and the patience to do my own thing, make my own mistakes.

So with that avenue out, lets go with another kind of rebellion (as suggested by today’s prompt)… The well known saying goes that “some rules are meant to be broken”. So lets break some rules.

Sitting quietly
I wait for my turn to speak
But that turn will never come
And I’ll get stress marks on my bum

Arguendo and
Innuendo fly across
A room full of suits
With their shiny black boots

Sleep of night before
Calling me back to its arms
Gotta pop to an offie
And get myself a coffee

Eyes tired

I walk

In waking dreams

And my thoughts


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