GloPoWriMo: Day XVI: Dear Jane

It’s a lazy Sunday. Emphasis on lazy. So I apologise to you, dear reader, for being fairly lazy about today’s poem.

Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt was to write a poem in the style of a letter. This reminded me of a song that I attempted to write many (many) years ago… imagining the other side of a “Dear John” letter. So in an effort to expend the least effort ; p and also give an old verse new life, here is “Dear Jane“…

Dear Jane
I got your letter
And I’m writing back
Now that I feel better
How can you say that we are through

I know
We’ve got our problems
But if we try
I know we can solve them
Won’t you just tell me what to do

And I promise Jane
There’ll be no more pain
Please don’t shut your front door

Just give me one more chance
Believe in our romance
Just one more dance on the dance floor

Dear Jane
Please read this letter
Things are bad
But they will get better
On the breaking of that golden dawn

Soon now
The fight will be over
And I’ll be back
Holding crimson clovers
Just hold on dear Jane, love John



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