GloPoWriMo: Day VIII: Buried Treasure

Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt was quite the interesting one. And while I didn’t really follow the “instructions” that well, this certainly was one of the more fun narrative poems to come out of it. So here goes… Something unlucky this way comes…

Walking down the street Ben couldn’t help but grumble
Two flat tires and a broken jack
He kicked a small pebble to the side and he mumbled
The boss was gonna give him flack

The pebble bounced out of sight with a “ting”
Which was an unexpected sound
Because pebbles don’t “ting” unless they hit metal
So he couldn’t help but look around

As he looked a stray sunbeam hit his eyes
But not from above in the sky
It was bouncing off something somewhat buried
Almost missed as he passed by

Finding himself interested he reached to see what it was
And as he approached he shook
For though it was something unseen many years
It was as apparent as the cover of a book

A scratched up old coin lay covered in mud
Bearing the initials BB
A two headed coin of gilded bronze that
From the ground he wrestled free

He rubbed off the dirt and blades of grass
And a tear escaped his eye
For on this day that started oh so unlucky
He found a charm of years gone by

Decades ago from his father’s pocket
A lucky coin did drop
They had searched for hours upon hours
But the search had been a flop

He couldn’t say if it was the coin or just life
That had turned his father that day
For the old man was never quite the same once Ben grew
Never looked at him the same way

Not 3 years from that fateful day in the park
And this may sound quite jaded
His father left him, not because he was a fool or a coward
But because his love in time had faded

Sitting there now upon a fence post crying
At 10 am and a half
The many voice mails from his boss pinging his phone
Ben began to laugh

Just my luck he said to himself
Wiping away the last tear
He turned to head back to his home
And the woman he loved dear

Any other day he may have driven
Or simply walked by fast
And never again seen that blasted coin
Or think of a bittersweet past

Crossing the street he was almost struck by a truck
But saved, distracted by a dog most plucky
And instinctively his hand went to his pocket
And he thought, Wow! That was lucky!

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