GloPoWriMo: Day VI: Top Of The World

A short little hike
From a hillside home
There is place atop the world
A small little plateau
Cut into a mountain
Decorated with pines and birds

There lies a table of sorts
With a natural marquee
And carpet made of green
There I once sat in silence
Breathed in the world
I sat and I dreamed

Before the hounds began to bark
The day’s noise began
And the sun shook the sleep from its eyes
I sat by my table
With a cup of tea
I looked down on the world and spied

I spied clouds of cotton
Mountains of brown and gold
And a blanket of green and blue
I saw everything that can be
Far away from man
And the things we do

I sat at my table
In my little nook in nature
Atop the whole of the world
I sat at that table
I smiled at the sun
And I enjoyed the songs of the birds

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