GloPoWriMo2017: Day III: A Recipe to Make Whole

(An interesting prompt from NaPoWriMo for Day III – And an interesting dish that came out of it. Read on if you’re ready, because as the first line says…)

This recipe is tricky
So before you begin
Be prepared to get sticky
Get burned, charred or singed

Start with that nagging voice
That says you can’t do it
Stop giving it choice
Stop saying that you blew it

Now we have a base
Next we need some filling
Use chocolate or burgers or whiskey
Something harder if you’re willing

Now add a pinch of salt
Because sometimes that needed
Take your best friends advice
Even if you do not heed it

Now we pre-heat the oven
Warm it for a while
Use what you have around
A hug, a hand, a smile

The last step is to bake
For how long I can’t say
But if you take it out and it’s not ready
Don’t throw it all away

Time is the final ingredient
How much you must decide
I’d tell you it’ll be quick and easy
But you’ll tell me I lied

When its done you’ll just know
From a look, a touch, a taste
And you’ll laugh and you’ll shake your head
At all the time that feels a waste

But remember that you can’t
Have your cake and eat it too
So savour, the flavour
Because in life these treats are few

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