Comics on the Brain

So I have been a bit spaced out these last few months. With another year of University just around the corner and a whole lot more free time that I knew what to do with, I have, admittedly been a bit aimless. So it was good that I’ve had the opportunity to really throw myself into “this comic book thing” (as some of my friends have called it). And frankly… Its been brilliant!

First and foremost, I am now a full-fledged partner in Meta Desi Comics, along with my friend, cohort, and writing partner, Akshay. What does that mean? Well for one thing, as long as we can drag this out, and hopefully put out some stuff worth reading on the way, I am part-owner of an independent comic publisher… I now write and publish my own comics. So major bucket list item checked! And Meta Desi is doing pretty well. We have a new comic by Spanish artist Stephano Cordoselli called ‘Love Me Like A Psycho Robot‘ coming out at the Bangalore Comic Con, along with Volume 3 of our very own ‘Ground Zero‘.

But wait! That’s not all! I’m also now writing a regular  weekly web comic, as well as taking up other projects, along with Akshay and Anant (fellow Meta Desi team member and Artist). So while I may be studying Tort or IP or Constitutional Law, I’m happy that I’ve got a good few “passion projects” to keep the creative juices flowing.

But this isn’t all about me (for a change!). Indian comics are getting bigger and better every year. And that’s probably thanks in no small part to Comic Con India – they have really upped their game over these last two years – I mean the talent at Comic Con Delhi (desi and International) was fantastic! And now Bangalore Comic Con and Hyderabad Comic Con are promising to be just as off the hook!

But while the hype is growing, and more people are looking at investing in local stories and talent, there’s no denying that there is a long way to go before Meta Desi, or others like us, can really make a full-time go of it. But let me take this moment to thank those that support us – whether it’s through infrastructure, buying our comics, or just spreading the word. Hopefully I’ll write one of these posts again in a year and have even more amazing things to say, maybe we would have closed shop. Who is to say. Unlike Volume 3 of Ground Zero, the future is yet to be written…

But till then, those of you who want to get behind us, here are some helpful links:

A recent write-up in Bleeding Cool – “Rising From The East – Meta Desi Comics Publishes Love Me Like A Psycho Robot, Partners With Bookmaker

Our Launch Schedule: “ICBM Launch Schedule

We’re also available to read on your iPad or iPhone using Readwhere and you can also order our comics from Indian comic giant Raj Comics.

And come see us in person at the Bangalore Comic Con – we’ll sign your comics for free!!! Book Your Tickets Now!

That’s all for now, but hopefully not for good…


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