Movie Review – Guardians of the Galaxy

WARNING: Contains Minor Spoilers!!!

So after what felt like an eternity of waiting for it’s cinematic release a group of fellow nerds and I finally watched Marvel’s ‘Guardians of the Galaxy‘ and right off the bat I have to say… This movie is easily one of the top 3 projects Marvel has ever executed. I mean I went in with some pretty high expectations, so I was pleasantly surprised when Guardians surpassed all I could have hoped. Though whether or not it is in fact the best Marcel flic ever depends on how it holds up to a re-watch next week.

What really struck me was the sheer amount of talent that Marvel drafted for this movie! And I’m not just talking about our protagonists, but rather, every second character was an A-List, if not popular B-List, player! I mean John C. Riley and Glenn Close as a Nova Officer and Nova Prime (respectively), Come on! It felt like every two-three minutes I was going – “Holy shit it’s that guy” And it wasn’t like they were thrown in willy-nilly either – Each one of them blended seamlessly into what was just one great piece of story-telling.

Speaking of characters, anyone who has been following the build up to the release knows that Rocket Raccoon and Groot just steal the show. Their on screen chemistry is sheer awesomeness (and yes I’m aware I’m talking about fictional, computer-generated beings). While I did love Star-Lord (Chris Pratt is just so awesome as the wise-cracking fearless leader of this troupe of trouble makers turned tyrant-taker-downers) he just isn’t the one most people came to see – that honour went to a barely recognisable Bradley Cooper and the completely unrecognisable Vin Diesel! Though, (and this is the closest this review comes to negative criticism) pI’m not sure why they chose to underplay Brax as a power-house, especially with a frame like Dave Bautista’s to run with.

The main thing Guardians has going for it though – something that helps it really stick out from the mass of super-hero flics that have hit the box office over the better part of the last decade – is how it has taken so many chances and, in so doing, has expanded the Marvel-Movieverse like no other before it. I mean it was daring enough to green light a project that doesn’t have larger than life titans like Thor and Iron Man to help sell it (not to mention a range of stand alone movies to build a viewer base) but to then also just let loose with the crazy visuals and introduce all new villains, worlds and civilisations – it was risky – but it worked! And where it easily surpassed all other superhero flics – DC, Marvel or Image – is that it took the focus off Earth – something that has me looking forward to exploring so much more of the amazing cosmos that exist in the great Marvel canon. It’s not just about earthlings any more, here come the Kree, the Xandarians and possibly the Skrulls (can anyone say Captain Mar-Vell : D).

Well I’ll stop there lest I fawn too much and make you pre-judge this movie. Because I really do want you to go see it with fresh eyes… make up your mind as to how awesome it is! : D

P.S – And this definitely is a spoiler… That post-credit Easter Egg – Howard the Duck! Whaaaaaat?!

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