More Glass Painting

So following my (somewhat) successful attempt with Edvard Munch’s “Scream” I decided to keep going with my little hobby. This time I took one of my mum’s old candle holder’s and decided to transform into somewhat a bit more exciting.

Glass Painting - Candle Holder - Step 1

So I decided to go with this funky mosaic pattern for this piece. I started out by taking a marker and randomly drawing squiggly segments all over the piece. This shouldn’t take you too long. Making the segments smaller will mean a little bit more work later and but it gives it much nicer look.

Glass Painting - Candle Holder - Step 2

Next Step is to take the Glass Liner and carefully trace over your pattern. This took me a fair bit as I had to regularly stop because my hand kept cramping up. Don’t forget to do a line across the edges of the glass (in this instance the mouth and the opening of the neck) so that the paint doesn’t drip when you’re doing those sections later.

Glass Painting - Candle Holder - Step 3

Step Three – Now its finally starting to look pretty! Start filling in the segments with the color or colors of your choosing. I used water based glass paints by Camel for this particular project. And I decided to go with one color across the piece, but you may want to mix it up a bit. If you work with water based paints though, remember to mix them as you paint/before you drop them onto the glass, for the best look.

Glass Painting - Candle Holder - Finished!

And here we have the final look of it. Doesn’t it look nice? It took a damn while I’ll tell you. While the curves of the glass give it a nice look, they are a pain to fill in because you have to wait before each bit dries, angling it so it doesn’t drip or run.

But in the end, it was worth it! I can’t wait to start my next project – Stained Glass Deadpool!


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