Into the Pit – Day I – NaPoWriMo 2014

Love and adoration, treachery and hate
A system flawed and inchoate
Some tote progress and grand ideas
Some preach hate and prey on fears

Drowned by millions, what is but one voice?
A idiot or a murderer they said – What a choice!
Both hold rank and station and power
Both their words on the masses shower

On gilded camels, dressed all in White
See the champions enter the fight
With wooden teeth and hollow smiles
See the cattle single file

See them hold in tight embrace
While you still stand ahead in the race
See them shout and cheer and slogan
While intricate webs are more intricately woven

When duty calls we must heed
If called for blood, we must bleed
Soon shall we triumph, if it is seen fit
So now, young warrior, into the pit

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