Packed Panels, Featured Writers and Even More Cosplay – The 4th Annual Comic Con India 2014 – Day III

With the dust settled, the clouds parted and a good night’s sleep finally had, I sit down to reminisce about the third and final day of Comic Con Delhi 2014… Oh how I miss it already. Contrary to my beliefs Sunday’s crowds weren’t nearly as intense as I imagined. Indeed Saturday probably saw a lot more people fluttering in and jamming up the aisles. But despite the crowds being lesser than my expectations, the Con still had an amazing day – the Cosplayers (though they seemed to congregate much later in the day than before) came strong and proud and the panels were hands down the best of the Con (save the best for last I guess!).

The afternoon saw Abhijeet Kini (merchandise also available here) in conversation with the mighty (yet so extremely friendly) David Lloyd. It was a rare opportunity to hear this great mind talk about his work, his thoughts and of course, his most known and beloved creation – V from ‘V for Vendetta‘. By far my favorite moment of the panel had to be when Lloyd described the smile on V’s face as a sort of accident, stating “a lot of creativity is by accident” – It seems that when Lloyd went to create his renowned character, based on England’s most famous revolutionary (guy fawkes), he couldn’t find a guy fawkes mask, so he decided to make one himself. And thus, thanks to the error of memory and perception, he created the characteristic smirk and rosy cheeks of the V we have come to know and love. What a happy accident! And to paraphrase the author himself, there really is nothing as unnerving as a man approaching you with a blade in his hand and a grin on his face!

Now while I don’t want to pick favorites, gun to my head, the session with Mark Waid was far more my style. Waid, who has worked such amazing characters as Superman, The Fantastic Four, The JLA, Captain America and Daredevil sat with Meta Desi Comics‘ very own Akshay Dhar to talk about his passion for his work and delve into some fond memories of the legends he has worked on in his illustrious career. It really amazing to see how he, as an author, still has such love for the characters that he wrote, as well as his healthy attitude about where they have grown or changed or “moved on” (though don’t bring up the ending of Man of Steel with him!). To give credit where it due, I think some of the great flow from the session also came from the direction that Akshay Dhar took it – his questions went beyond the generic and really gave Waid the impetus to open up about what it really is to write such larger than life characters – and for so long – and I think where Waid attracted me more than Lloyd was his attitude as a whole to writing. He has always come at his work with an optimism that many writers lose when they write “gritty” and “iconic” characters – illustrated by his recent reinvigoration of Daredevil, who, despite his gritty and beaten down history, has seen a lot of brighter days under Waid’s run (with plans now to move him out of Hell’s Kitchen to sunny San Francisco).


God, thinking over the days events I am just exhilarated by how much the Con has grown since its first year, and how much more it has the potential to be in the years to come. So I leave you then with a few words by the great Mark Waid himself. Enjoy readers and remember, Delhi Comic Con 2015 is now just a year away! Excelsior!


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