Sold Out Cubees, Signed Copies and More Cosplay – The 4th Annual Comic Con – Day II

Despite how encouraging yesterday was the three amigos at stall C12 could not have been prepared for the reaction that Delhi showed today. People came out in droves to check out Comic Con ok its second day. And they came ready and happy to spend many hours browsing the offerings and supporting the exhibitors. The independent publishers saw massive crowds pretty much all day and from most accounts, people saw the works and wares practically flying. And Meta Desi saw the surprising turn of events when our Cubees, which were put out simply as a novel gimmick, sold out of all but one character! (On a personal victory, Cowzilla and Dara – from “Holy Hell” – were amongst the most popular).

A personal triumph for the day was getting a personalised signed copy of V for Vendetta by David Lloyd. I picked up the copy from Random House at a massive 40% off yesterday (thanks simply to shelling out an extra 50 rupees for the Super Fan ticket) and had Llyod do the honours today, getting in a pic with him to boot. It really was quite brilliant to see all the big names being so friendly and taking the time out to sign copies for hours and even do some fresh sketches (for a nominal fee) for those that didn’t have copies of their own.

On the content front – there was a really interesting panel with John Layman (creator of CHEW) talking about how it was to create such an interesting, if slightly odd, comic book creation. I must admit I wasn’t personally familiar with CHEW before this Con, but I’m definitely picking it up now. It’s a rather novel concept and I must say I liked Layman’s take on “having fun” with a comic and not necessarily always been drawn (pun intended) to the supposed gritty standards. So give that a shot if you’re looking for something new and quirky (after you pick Ground Zero Vol. II and read Holy Hell that is).

Now once again I’d be remiss if I left you without mentioning the Cosplay – People really upped their game I’d say. There were some really elaborate (and undoubtedly time-consuming to manufacture) costumes – ranging from both male and female Lokis to a massive Bioshock mariner. I’m sharing some pics here but trust me, to get the real experience you must show up in person!

And you have ONE day left. So make it count. Come down to the 4th Annual Comic Con India at Tyagraj Stadium. Hope to see you there.

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