It’s Adventure Time!

No matter how much time you’ve spent in London, there are always new things to learn about this amazing city, and one very interesting way to do it is with the ‘Alternative London Tours’ offered by Insider London.

Yesterday the brand new batch of LUIP Student Ambassadors and the few of us from last year who are staying on as alums had the most terrible fun running about the city on our very own amazing race style adventure. Engaging both our minds and our sense of discovery, it was a most memorable and mirth-filled day – even the lack of sun and healthy dose of English rain couldn’t dampen our spirits as we ran about investigating clues, snapping pics and incessantly tweeting.

Split into teams of two, we hit a few of London’s many landmark areas collecting points by engaging in interesting and quite often hilarious antics. If you were on the Millennium Bridge yesterday and were accosted by 10 eager High-Fivers, you know what I’m talking about – or perhaps you were amongst the many on the tube being offered free hugs! Those of you following on twitter may have already seen many of the pics I tweeted, but if you missed it search for #InsiderRed (that’s my team!) and #InsiderGreen on Twitter to see glimpses of the madness.

While collecting points and thrashing our opponents was the prime motivator (and we did! Big ups to Steven from Insider London who guided us to victory!) the best part of our little tryst was seeing and experiencing little touches of London that I had never noticed before. Indeed this is Insider London’s greatest strength – their tours are designed to show you parts and elements of this city that many just walk right by or overlook. It’s all about exploring new areas of the city and discovering hidden facets of the world around you. And they really do have something or everyone – Tired of the same old tourist oriented history lesson? Why not try the ‘History of Drinking’ tour (that sounds right up my alley!); or maybe you’d prefer something that focuses on the brilliant street art dotted all over London; or perhaps you’re looking for something more macabre? Well then the ‘Death & Debauchery’ tour is probably for you (might check that one out myself too!). But don’t let me go on and on about it, go visit Insider London and see the myriad of options for yourself.

And even if you don’t sign on for one of their tours, try to take a more ‘alternative’ look at the city around you, ask yourself some interesting questions – Why is (or more aptly was) Big Ben called Big Ben? What’s your favorite building in London’s skyline? How many people can you fit into a London phone box?


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