Euro-Trippin – The Canals of Venice

Venice – This beautiful city was the final stop on our exhausting and wonderful boys trip around Europe. I wish that I could take you through every sight and sound of this wonderful city by the sea, but as it was the end of two weeks of trekking through cobbled streets and trudging through museums, the one day we had in Venice was spent doing pretty much nothing. But don’t get me wrong, I have no regrets.

The square where our hostel was located – the Campo Margherita – was definitely the place to stay. It was full of restaurants and small bars and seemed to be the definitive area for young people to congregate. This was also where we were witness to a hilarious ritual. There were dozens of young architecture school graduates celebrating with their friends and families, and by celebrating I mean that they were basically publicly humiliated (in good jest of course) while being treated to booze and personal dedications to their name. One girl had to put one shoes full of melted chocolate with a bottle of champagne taped to one hand while she read a dedication that had been taped to a tree, all the while being spritzed in the face by her friends and family. Okay, I know the way I’ve described it sound like a supremely unusually form of torture, but they seemed to be enjoying it. Hilarious!

While there were many tourist-y attractions to check out, including an exhibition of the recreated works of Leonardo da Vinci and a free exhibit dedicated to Vivaldi, we were much happier to just wander aimlessly along the streets and canals of the city and enjoy the last of the traditional Gelato (my friend is suffering from serous withdrawal). What struck my eye were the exquisite Murano glass works for sale all over the city – you wouldn’t imagine the crazy things there were – some captivating, some mind-boggling. But the glass works weren’t the only beautiful things for sale. You also see amazing Carnival masks for sale. From the popular to the epic to the crazy. They had positively everything. I was so tempted to buy a Guy Fawkes or crazy Lion or Devil mask, but sadly, as jam-packed as our bags were, it wouldn’t have survived the trip : (

My favorite part of the day however was spending a quiet evening at the Piazza San Marco, where we just sat for ages and listened to classical quintets play beautiful music. While they may have been playing for the guests at their restaurants, their sound floated wistfully through the entire square and they didn’t seem to mind passers-by standing and enjoying their talent. I don’t know what I loved the best – the Beethoven, the soundtrack to the Sound of Music or the Vivaldi… It was all so beautiful. The absolute perfect way to end a great day, and amazing week and down right brilliant fortnight.

Well I’m afraid that is all there is dear reader. I wish I had more to say, more to show. I don’t know if I’ll take a trip this exciting again any time in the near future – just me and my best friend across hundreds of miles, walking staggering distances and exploring unknown streets and alley ways. It may be I never do, it may be we do it again next summer. Who knows what the future holds. For now let us rejoice in this present.

The trip may be over, but (to quote Metallica) the memory remains…


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