The Game Is A-Hoof – My First Comic!

I am super psyched to announce that my first attempt at writing a comic shall soon see the light of day! ‘Holy Hell’ is a (hopefully) fantastic little absurdist comic which will come out later this year as a part of the second ‘Ground Zero’ Anthology. Original concept by Akshay Dhar a.k.a Sipder42, Script by Mr. Dhar and yours truly and art by the talented Abhijeet Kini.

What follows is a short little promo to give you a taste of whats to come – hopefully it will catch your interest, or at least hold it momentarily as you sip your coffee or tea or Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster.

If you find yourself sufficiently intrigued you might also want to check out the other great stuff that the chaps at Meta Desi Comics (a.k.a my partner in crime, the incomparable, Mr. Dhar) are up to by visiting the Meta Desi Facebook Page or check out the Meta Desi Website (under construction). But what you REALLY want to do is a get a hold of an issue of the first Ground Zero Anthology on Amazon (eBook) or Pop Cracker (signed copy!). And there are more teasers for Vol. 2 available here: Ground Zero Vol. 2

And there’s more of the the talented Mr. Kini right here!

For more news watch this space or follow Meta Desi Comics through their site or Facebook page.


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