Hitting 10 K!

Woohoo! Sometime in the wee hours of the morning this blog hit its 10,000th hit. I am so psyched to reach this milestone and especially so to do it within the first year (11 months technically!). I’ve been blogging on-and-off for a long time, but I never stuck with it and really created a space where I regularly shared my opinions, my work, my thoughts.

A large thanks is definitely owed to Kim Duller and everyone else at the London Universities International Partnership (LUIP), and of course London & Partners, for selecting me as one of the Student Ambassadors from Queen Mary last year and encouraging me to blog regularly. The enthusiasm from my fellow bloggers (and constant reminders from Kim ; p) really helped me to push myself to open up and share my work and also try a new style of blogging – with new formats and new ideas. And I really think the whole thing became a lot more fun in the process.

But I also have to thank those of you that follow this blog and those of you who just stumble across once in a while. Without your encouragement and return business I wouldn’t have had the heart to keep putting myself out there. Thank you and keep visiting : )

But this isn’t just a time for thanks – it’s also a time for reflection. In anticipation of this milestone, I’ve been looking over my blog and it is truly hard to describe what reading one’s own thoughts after such time has passed feels like. While this blog has only been running since October 2012, many of these pieces are older, having been imported from older blogs. It’s so funny to read old pieces and often not even remember what I was thinking when I wrote something. And sometimes this ignorance of thoughts and feeling past lends itself to reading something afresh, for better or worse. Though I have come across few pieces that I regret sharing (there are the odd few that get taken down as circumstances change), for the most part I enjoy revisiting my “bibliography” and reminiscing, pondering or just plain smiling in amusement. So let’s have a look at some of the hits and the misses:

My Top 5 Posts of All Time – The Crowd Pleasers!

  1. My Top 10 Song Parodies – Ah nothing better than a bit of light fluff eh? Though many of these videos have truly given me collective hours of good laughs.
  2. Djibouti Jokes – Inspired by an intimate evening that turned into a laughing fit and taken to the top by my silly imagination.
  3. I’ve Got News For You TOI – My run-in with an online paper and some copyright infringement. In the interest of fairness do also read the follow-up: Mumbai Mirror Steps Up With An Apology
  4. 10 Ways To Enjoy London – No Money Down – If you’re a student (or just someone on a budget) and you’re living/traveling in London, have a read!
  5. “Racism is Better Than Astrology” – One of the first posts I wrote on the new blog – A review of one of my favorite comics – Dara O’ Briain and his live show ‘The Craic Dealer’

The Bottom of the Barrel – Well they can’t all be winners!

  1. A Little Less Siri-ous – Feeling jobless? Got an iPhone? Well you just have to try this then…
  2. A Quaint Little Diwali at The Nehru Centre – While it wasn’t the usual noisy and smokey Diwali from back home, I still say this was a wonderful evening with some great company…
  3. A Snowy Encounter – A beautiful walk home in the snowfall lends to some pretty shots and some highly immature fun ; p
  4. A Vicious Cycle – One of the less well received poems from my month of poetry writing…
  5. Lane Driving? Insane Driving! – One of my first ever posts, form when I was bitter and wanted to bitch a bit. Sigh, I miss college…

But it isn’t all about the stats. No matter what the numbers what might say, some pieces will just always be closer to my heart – whether it’s because of how painful they were to write, or how fun.

My 5 Favourite Posts – For the Love of the Game!

  1. The Amber Moon – One of my earlier poems. I still remember the night I wrote it – staying up till dusk on my rooftop watching the moon fade into the sun, thinking about a lot of things I wish I wasn’t thinking about…
  2. Walking in a Winter Wonderland – One of my favorite posts – mostly because I love the Winter season and it was my first one in London (It also has one of my favorite shots of all of last year : P)
  3. For Her – A poem I wrote a decade ago for my sister, and probably one of the first I ever shared with anyone…
  4. Between Acts – Often the most powerful epiphanies occur in the middle of the night, when you’re sitting on a bus bench, just trying to get home…
  5. I’ve Got A Band! – While not a particularly challenging post, this did mark my recording 3 songs with a friend, something I had dreamed of doing forever, as I wrote song after song in my head, so it’s definitely special to me  : )

Well that’s it for now. I look forward to more posts, more milestones and more fun. Hope you do too : )


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