Afternoon At The Museum

One great (and absolutely free) way to enjoy this beautiful city is to take in some culture at one of its many museums. So today I decided to spend a nice afternoon at The British Museum. They have an extensive collection of artifacts and pieces from around the world and you could literally spend an entire day there looking and marveling.

I decided to share some of the shots from my perusal of their Greco-Roman, Ancient Egyptian and Meso-American collections. Growing up, I was fascinated by these cultures – their myriads of Gods, their colorful stories, their obsession with the beauty of life and death – and I was super excited to see so much of it in person. I hope one day I will actually be able to see such beautiful pieces in their homeland (well, whats left there anyway).

Hopefully these few shots will entice you to go across and explore as well. I know I’ll definitely be making my way some time soon.


2 thoughts on “Afternoon At The Museum

  1. The good thing about London is, most of the Museums are free here unlike in Paris or in Rome. In Paris, I spent around 35 Euro for 3 Museums and 25 in Rome for 2. I believe this policy of Museum administrators is indeed praiseworthy that they believe in greater dissemination of knowledge for free of cost. And this is an act of public good.

    • I absolutely agree. Of course I understand that Museums need to maintains funds to make sure they offer such great cultural output, especially where they are not subsidised by national funds, but I think it’s just as key to make yourself accessible to the public and encourage a love for learning and exposure to such collections.

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