Mumbai Mirror Steps Up With An Apology – Better Late Than Never

I’m not one to bear a grudge if someone steps up and takes responsibility. Following yesterday’s post regarding TOI and their use of a photograph I took without my authorisation, I was contacted by someone from the Mumbai Mirror, where the article and picture were originally published. Mr. Saumit Sinh offered me an explanation for the “mix-up” because of which my photograph was used without giving due credit. It would seem that while the original article ran a line with my name on it next to the photograph, for some reason this, as well as a reference in the text to my authorship of the photograph, were dropped. He vaguely alluded that this may have been due to the editing process before the article went up online. While I don’t think this is necessarily a satisfactory excuse, I am content to let the matter rest at this point, since someone has stepped up and taken responsibility.

I am thankful that Mr. Sinh was regretful of the miscommunication and I appreciate his offering to make it right. I would hope incidents of this kind would be avoided in the future and authorisation taken in advance from any person whose work they choose to use. I have also offered to let re-publish the photograph to accompany their article, I’m even happy to email them a high-res copy.

Let us hope this resolves this little skirmish. At the same time let us hope it serves its purpose to avoid such future transgressions or miscommunications. After all, prevention is far better than cure.

Link to the original story: I’ve got News For You TOI


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