Illogical Neuro-Physiological Defect

“I fear I just do not understand sir. These creatures are very… confusing.”

“What is it about them that confuses you Mr. Fritz?”

“They do not behave in logical patterns sir. Their actions seem almost haphazard at times. Their history shows that they are capable of immense growth. Indeed they have made unbelievable strides considering that their already limited cognitive potential is further impaired by these… What are they called again?”

“Emotions Mr. Fritz. They are called emotions.”

“Yes. Emotions. I do not understand their purpose. Take subject AK198722 for instance. He shows the ability to cope almost immediately with the experience of being placed in a foreign environment, indeed he seems, comparatively, to be thriving. He shows no signs of any genetic cognitive imbalance and by most standards he is, as you call it “well-adjusted”. Yet, the slightest stimuli regarding his past interaction with the female, subject GP200489 seems to be eliciting some abnormal spikes in blood pressure and hormonal reading.”


“And I do not understand the connection sir. He has not had any interaction with the other subject for approximately 165 cycles. Is this a normal reaction with this species?”

“That is an interesting question Mr. Fritz. And a hard one to answer. One I believe he too is asking himself at this very moment?”

“Yes but with such an important task ahead of him in a mere cycle and a half, why does he allow these “emotions” to distract him from his objective at this critical juncture?”

“He does not allow them Mr. Fritz. Well, perhaps he does, but not in the sense that you use the word. I do not believe he has any choice. He is driven by a power beyond his control.”

“I beg your pardon sir, but I do not register any other external stimuli.”

“Haha. You do not understand Fritz. The thing that drives him is not any “external stimuli”. It is not even quantifiable. Not by any physical standard or measure. It is unique to each one of them. Distinct every time. It is beautiful and marvelous and infuriatingly complex.”

“What way is there to cure this condition sir? Surely they must have devised some apparatus or procedum to alter the chemical imbalance in the brain that causes it? I cannot see how the subject would willingly suffer these neuro-physiological spikes when it is apparent that there are no means of immediately changing the circumstances that seem to be causing them.”

“I do not believe it is quite that simple Fritz. He is aware of the pointlessness of these, neuro-physiological spikes, as you call them, yet he does not seem altogether predisposed to rid himself of them. Like the others, he is a curious creature.”

“What is it called sir? This strange defect that he seems to be exhibiting?”

“We have no word for it Fritz. But I believe they call it ‘love‘.”

4 thoughts on “Illogical Neuro-Physiological Defect

  1. Interesting little tale buddy.
    However I would point out some things that came to mind :
    1) I would try and be more vague at the outset and not stipulate outright that he interacted with a female, just a subject number.
    2) the “sir” here seems to relaxed and in tune in some ways and actually seems more than a little capable of emotion. This is out of place and I would have him show a deeper, intellectual understanding as he does at the start and end of his explanations – the middle bit about beauty and all that is out of place in this context/persona. Infuriatingly unpredictable would be a scientific observation regarding love and such strong emotions, but not the poetic way he does it here.
    3) I would expand on the whole scenario just a little and perhaps have the student character aware of emotions in terms of reaction and conditioning (like with animals) but astounded at the presence and power of it (and increased complexity) in humans who as intellectually aware and all that should – to the student – be above all that.

    Hope this helps and as I always say with my feedback, feel free to keep or discard as you see fit!

    • Definitely will consider your comments, Sir ; )

      What i was trying to do with the teacher character was sort of build a character who has studied these “humans” for so long, that he has become “infected” by their humanity… Their very existence goes against his conditioned perception of the world at times, but yet he almost admires it, envies it, honors it…

      On the other end is our pupil, with fresh eyes that have never seen such complex and irrational behavior. He knows of “emotions” as simple physiological processes or chemical imbalances, just as you say, thus he even has to ask what the word for them is to the earth-men, because ether have no higher word for simple biological functions. But at the same time, he is not an actual student, because this is not necessarily a medical or research facility… It may just as easily be a military operation – know your enemy – so possibly the young cadet does not see the point of studying such insignificant defects in the native population, and he definitely does not understand his commanding officer’s fascination with it…

      But yes, some things are vague, left that way for now on purpose, before I decide where I may want to take these characters… And some things, my good friend, well some things are just said, disguised though they are, because they need to be said… Because once in a while, we all suffer from bouts of Illogical Neuro-Physiological Defects ; )

      But I do feel it has to be mentioned that she was a woman – because it’s always a woman – no matter if it a great epic, a historic tragedy, a futuristic masterpiece, a world beyond the skies – There’s always a woman ; p

      • Oh I get what you mean about the woman, but not saying it outright at first establishes the disconnect from emotions and their relevance that the student has (I know he isn’t, was just an easy way to differentiate them :P)… Plus, I figured when the student says it he can not indicate gender of the female subject but the professor clarifies that as best he himself understands toward the end of this piece – this establishing his awareness of what you refer to above, etc, etc…
        And I got what you were going for, hence my liking the story, but it just felt to me like the master was too different from the student and that in such a society (think about it) would create alarm and make others instantly weary of him. I’d say have him be the way you want, just a tad more subtle in the language to show he is intrigued and it’s something he’s pondered for a long time and struggles to comprehend – not for lack of trying.
        You know what I mean? 🙂

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